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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lets D.I.Y - My "NEW" Gorgeous Portfolio Folder

ok first of all i'm so sorry if you got me wrong by the's not actually D.I.Y of making a new gorgeous portfolio folder but recycling or should i say transforming an old one to look like new? hehe..sometimes you need to check out some old stuff which could possibly be fixed cause you'll never know what you have been i right? for example this old folder which was actually an old direct selling catalog..

the old rusty catalog

it was my fathers..but it was from back in 2005..i guess..damn how old is this folder to be exact actually? hahaha..ive found it in the study room while arranging the book shelves..there was just too much stuff *not just books* which was clearly not needed & irrelevant for example; old catalogs! there are lots of them..well my parents happen to have this hobby of joining direct selling companies back then but not really for seriously they dont really sell nor promote those stuff..they only buy stuff for themselves & maybe promote those stuff to some close was all just to get the member's price :) so anyway back to this one catalog..i've found it appear to be a refillable clear folder..the only problem was, it got some logos & wordings printed on the front cover..while the rest besides fungus & dirt could be cleaned easily..i guess

erasing the logos & wordings

so i opt to try erasing those logos and wording by using thinner without actually having done that before..very much like an experiment.. LOL.. but you know what, thinner really come in hand with this matter..i was quite worried at first that the thinner would   ruin the color of that artificial leather or whatever material they use on that folder..but it didn't, luckily..but i do need to scrub it quite hard for several times to get the ink comes out..but you know what, it does worth it :)

my "new" portfolio folder :)

of course if you look closely, you can actually still see some traces of those logos & wordings..but at a glance you wouldnt notice yeah i think it is pretty good for me..& i think maybe in awhile the traces would be completely erased naturally anyway..hopefully :) & f.y.i i actually did apply the thinner allover the folder inside out to get rid of the other dirt including fungus & ink left from other printed papers i guess..& seriously it doesnt disappoint me at all :)

so there you go my new portfolio folder which is ready to be brought on my upcoming interview..yay! doesnt it look just like a new one? not only i got a good lookin portfolio folder but also for free..i honestly was thinking about buying a new one before but thankfully all worked well :)

the other folders :)

anyway i actually did the same method to two other folders with a different material on its cover..the black one got a cloth like material, somethin like polyester on umbrella..& the result was traces of the wordings nor logo at all! of course after some hard scrub on it..haha..while the blue folder with somewhat almost similar material like the red one but with a rougher surface also leaves no traces but the thinner kinda ruin the material color as well..its not really that bad but looks pretty i guess if you wanna try to do this, you'd better try to scrub on a hidden small area first to check wether its gonna affect the material or not before progressing..

anyway, only the red one comes in A4 size so of course im gonna use that one..while the other two, ill leave it to my parents..its their catalogs anyway :) so thats it..till the next post, peace out ^_^

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