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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Need a New Wardrobe - Literally -_-

a picture tells a thousand words..just look at my cute lil wardrobe then you know why do i really need a new wardrobe :(

my cute lil wardrobe :(

its clearly super packed with my clothes..& those are not including my formal attire which i still keep in that black bag since i am not wearing them for now..& yeah my current wardrobe condition also doesnt allow me to hang my clothes properly..i have to squeeze them into that tiny little space left..dont ask me about the drawer, it is very much packed as well..& i still got some stuff like towel & blanket on my chair cause theres just no more available spaces for them in that wardrobe..& what makes it even worse, this is not all..still got some clothes in my laundry basket *you can see it on the side of my wardrobe* & some which i havent folded yet..damn! hahahaha..i am so in trouble -_-

mirror mirror on the wall :p

putting that aside, i finally managed to attach a lamp just above my wall mirror :) i already got the study lamp since like 7 @ 8 years ago but i broke the two-pin plug & i need to extend the wire..thankfully i've found some old unused wire with a plug in the garage & it is still in a good yeah, it got fixed immediately & attached to the wall like instantly..hahaha..

my cute lil bedroom ^_^

so there you 1 thing fixed & 1 problem need to be fixed..i guees i need to wait till i got a job only then ill get a new bigger wardrobe..but would it fit into my cute lil bedroom? i guess my new wardrobe would be slightly bigger but not that big..hmm..or maybe i should rearrange the furniture? hmm..whatever..till i got my 1st salary nothing could be done anyway..haha..or maybe do you have any other idea instead of gettin a new one? hmm..till then, ciao..& please do wish me luck k :) peace out~

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