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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My 2012 Movie Picks : The Worst

so ive blurbs about two of my most favorite movies of the year earlier..& as promised, this time im gonna talk about another two movies which in contrary just so terrible that you should never watch them in the 1st place..

no..not these movies~

the 1st one i'm gonna have to say is this sequel which i think should never been made..wonder what were they thinking while making such a sequel which made me pray that there would never be another is none other than *drumroll*

Piranha 3DD..this movie is a crap! okay the 1st movie was quite a box-office success but I honestly dont think it deserves a sequel..yea Piranha 3D was not really that was quite good despite being a little too raunchy with lots of inappropriate nudity because it does still have that thrill factor and the comedy aspect was not overdone..but on this sequel, i hardly felt the thrill but they do double the nudity which made it came almost like a soft-porn and the comedy just came across nonsense & plain stupid..from the moment the movie started I just had this very bad feeling that the movie gonna look so ridiculously lame & cheap & you know what, i was right..i guess they were tryin to make the movie more hilarious than its predecessor but instead of hilarious, it fell short as unacceptably nonsense which made us regret watchin it in the 1st place..

Silent Hill: Revelation I must say is a total letdown..i was actually so excited to watch the movie after i saw the trailer but you know what, sometimes a trailer is just far from what the full movie appears to offer..i was badly disappointed by this movie as it only rely on its visual effect while the storyline was just so terrible that you always felt like fastforwarding the movie while watching it..& the most important thing is, I dont think this movie deserved to be put under the horror nor thriller genre because it was nothing of it but bore..the only thing holding me back from sleeping was the ticket price since we've watched it in 3D & I felt really bad being the one who insisted to watch least the visual was quiet impressive..but afterall, this movie i think for sure is the biggest letdown of the year..

so that's it..two movies which i thought just the worst movies I've watched of the if you have'nt watched it, listen to me, don't ever think of it, unless you just want to know how bad it's all for now..peace out :)

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