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Monday, December 24, 2012

My 2012 Movie Picks : The Best

1st of all, i am very deeply sorry that i've left this blog for very quiet some time huh..sometimes i do have some stuff in my mind to post but ended up with nothing..maybe i was just so lazy to write, not in the mood of blogging..i just dont know..but whatever cause for now, here i am finally tryin to write somethin..& this time it's about somethin that i love which is movies..

clearly there's a lot of great, good & not to forget terrible movies out all this year but this time im just gonna feature two movies which i thought was great but maybe just didn't get that much of attention as deserved..and the 1st one had to be the one which i had waited since ive watched the trailer which is none other than *drumroll*...

Pitch Perfect :) damn this movie is real good..i mean great! let me tell you this, this movie is no Glee..yea i know when you watch the trailer,you would most probably have this idea of something Glee-ish..i love Glee despite the fact i do think that the show kinda goin downhill with their latest season but that is a totally different story..while this movie is way far from my expectation..i mean i didnt expect i would enjoy it really that much! come on i love music but never been excited about acapella group thing untill i saw the acts in this movie..the music especially towards the end was just superbly done..totally loving the surprising aspect in the performance & not to forget the humor or should i say the unexpected humors..that is actually the way better part which really made the movie such a great entertainment..kudos to the cast for sure for their nicely done or should i say outsanding comedy performance especially to Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy & my personal Fav, Hana Mae Lee as Lily..anyway, i always love watchin Anna Kendrick :p..& yea it's a no brainer movie, quite predictable story lines but it got all that it takes to give you such a great feeling when you leave the hall cause in the end, that's all matters :)

Sinister is the other movie which i think is just unexpectedly could've been great..i mean it is great in almost every aspect except one which i would tell you later..but among all those horror movies ive watched this year, this one is totally a standout..well i am a big fan of the genre & i did saw a quite contender from another movie which most have considered as the best horror flicks of the year which is The Cabin In The Woods..but personally for me i prefer Sinister way more..why? because i am just not the one who fancy the obvious ghost appearance..well it's just a personal preference right..while Sinister treats you with lots of mystery and you just kinda grow a hatred towards the main role for his choices *at least i do*..& damn it really gave me goosebumps! it was terribly shockingly frightening *all in a good ways i mean*..& then there's the unravel of all the mystery which was shocking and disturbing as well until the "boogeyman" came onto screen..damn that appearance was such a mood seriously i honestly think the appearance of the mastermind behind all those scary things was not scary at all! seriously i was like "what?" when that thing show yeah except that appearance at the ending, the rest was great :)

so yeah that's it..two movies which i consider the best must watch movie of if you havent watched it yet, dont think twice just get the DVD time i'm gonna talk about another two movies which in contrast just so terrible that i regretted watching them & which i hope you have not & just never watch then, peace out :)

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