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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die

Ive always wanted to do this list..but when I started to do it, I got lost! LOL..the first 5 (not the number 1-5 of this list) was an easy call..but after that I actually just I have to actually took a little or to be exact about a day to figure out the rest..I mean it must be some stuff which I really wanted to do but must be challenging as finally here is it..the 1st post of 2013..this might even come as an annual post as I'm thinking about updating it we'll see if any on this list would be accomplished by next year..if there is next year :) so whatever..let's just check out my list for now :)

1. Learn to swim (quite there) yeah I've always wanted to do this since I was a kid..& around late 2011, I started to learn informally from my buddy Chun Hoong..well I am quite there..I can swim breaststroke pretty good *I guess* but that's it..well we rarely go swimming so no wonder..but my next goal is to at least learn to swim freestyle..but I just dont know if I can do that since there's no swimming pool let's just wait when I got a job..huhu

2. Learn to play guitar (in progress)..another thing which I've always wanted to do..I love singing & I would love to play at least an instrument..when I was in high school, Ive always wanted to learn to play piano..but you know what, piano is just too in my college years I started to grow a love towards guitar..& finally around mid 2012, I just started to learn playing them from my housemate Ah Chai & a book..also informally :) so yeah I could pretty much play the basic chords but I do need to work on my strum & of course the other it is in progress & I really hope someday I can just play them flawlessly :)

3. Bungee jumping..F.Y.I I actually love extreme stuff especially when it comes to when I first found out about bungee jumping, the only thing I could think of was "I am so gonna do this one day" there is it..still on the list of i want to do..hopefully it could be mark as "DONE"..huhu

4. Scuba diving..well the interest of this one actually came after my second snorkeling experience which was around the Manukan Island *the 1st one was at Pangkor & it was terrible*..I just kept feeling like I wanna go deeper but i just cant..thats why the idea of scuba diving just came as something wonderful if I could do it..but of course i need to get the license first we'll see :)

5. Zorbing..funny right? but yeah when I first saw this thing in TV I was like, I wanna get inside that ball & roll must be really fun right..hahaha

6. Write know what, I actually did wrote some songs back in my high school years..but of course not professionally..come on, I dont even know any music I just wrote some lyrics which only I know how to sing it which for sure I've forgotten by today..I may have written about 5 songs i guess & one of it even performed on a school singing competition! damn! but of course we *it was a group performance* didn't win cause the performance was a total nightmare & I am not kidding :p..but whatever..that was a whole different stories..& somehow I do feels like doin it again maybe someday but dont know when just we'll see :)

7. Perform on a big stage (LOL)..yea right..kinda funny huh..but yes I do have that kinda dream of performing on a big stage..well for sure I love singing & I did performed on some occasions in campus & even in some wedding receptions *with a wedding band*..but no I dont wanna be a singer..I just love to sing & maybe I just wanna know how does it feel performing on a big stage in front of a big I honestly dont know if this ever happen..hahaha..but if I were given a chance, it is totally not something I'm gonna can take my words on that :)

8. Learn a 4th language..this is actually very funny because i hardly master my 3rd language which should've been my 1st language..of course I am talking about my mother tongue which is bisayan language..I can understand bisayan pretty well..but to converse in that language, I clearly still need a long way to go..& I did try to learn some tagalog from my best friend Jay & I did try to learn some chinese from my buddy Chun Hoong, but both just didnt really work out..but you know what, I am still not giving up on that so who knows maybe someday I am gonna learn a 4th language for real..of course i would want to master my mother tounge as well :)

9. Visit at least 10 countries & at least 3 Wonders of the World (past or current)..I love vacation & there's no doubt about far I've been to Indonesia & Brunei..been to Satun, Thailand but that was just the border area so totally not gonna count it in..also been to Singapore when I was about 4 years old? damn that also wont be I'm gonna say, I've been to 2 countries so far so I have to go to at least 8 more countries..maybe Korea? Japan? Australia? USA? London? haha you bet I've forgotten huh..yea maybe Philippines someday? so yeah, there's so much option..& of course Thailand & Singapore is still on my checklist..even Indonesia is still on my list cause clearly I would love to go there again especially Bandung to do a lot of shopping..hahaha :p..about those Wonders of the World, that is just a bonus if I happen to visit any of them..but maybe Taj Mahal @ Great Wall of China? who knows :)

(10. Live abroad for at least 30 days besides Hajj @ Umrah InsyaAllah) know what, this is not a joke..I am serious about this..haha..sometimes I just wanna try to live abroad and experience a totally different kind of lifestyle & environment..but how do i do it is still in question..maybe by pursuing my study abroad? who knows right? but again, this is not including performing Hajj or Umrah cause that is a totally different thing..that is a must for Muslim so thats why I'm not gonna count that in :)

so there you 10 ThingsI Wanna Do list to start the brand new year..hehe..we'll see how many or any of those items could b done for real by this year..till then peace out & HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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