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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Voice 2: Who Should It Be?

finally, The Voice season 2 will come to an's been a long & quite frustrating ride for the show, i mean in a regular reality singing competition like Idol, we wont get to see so much great talent eliminated at a time *minus the audition stages*..but in The Voice, it's just the way it is..which sometimes when we just started to love a specific talent, it just didn't get much chance to yeah it is kinda frustrating at times..but what's good about it, the excitement level is way much better compared to the other reality contest cause it's clearly a no regular vote & eliminate show..

anyway back to the topic, as i say in the title, who should it be? now the contenders cut left to the final four, it is only a matter of time *& votes* before the show crowning their second ultimate "The Voice" after Javier Colon won the title on the 1st season..whether it's gonna be Tony Lucca the former mouseketeer, Juliet Sims the rock chick, Chris Mann the opera guy who tries to be mainstream, or Jermaine Paul the ex-backup singer.. 

clearly they got a variety of talent here even for the final four, each and every one of them got a totally different thing going on & surely will attract a different kind of listeners and which one am i rooting for? honestly i am not rooting for anyone cause my favorite actually already eliminated on the semi's which is Lindsey Pavao..surprising or not but i have my own reasons for picking her..she may not be the best vocalist with perfect pitch singer, but just admit it, she is like a breath of a fresh air..she somewhat reminds me of Drew from last year X-Factor US *because of the differences brought to the table* but a more mature & a better attitude for sure *no offense*..

& also let's just admit it, there are already so much great or good singer out there but the one who make it bigger are not the one who just that it..just look at Katy Perry for instance she's clearly no Beyonce but look at her carer then you'll see what i mean..& i think Lindsey got what it takes to make something on the music scene..her voice is clearly not what we regularly hear on the radio..& clearly she already got her own style of music which is totally a good thing cause in today's music scene, people are clearly known for their own kind of sound like Adele - did you ever heard Adele screaming like a rock chick or maybe yodeling ? what i'm trying to say here is not like staying in the comfort zone but sticking to a specific sound and make it a yeah that is why i was rooting for Lindsey but again, she is no more in the run so just screw it

i must say this season, Adam did the most mistake in getting his representer..maybe he was just so busy trying to figure out how to win again this time and the nerve just gotten into him..he actually got some great talent in the beginning but somehow he just keep wasting them..first of all, Whitney Myer..i must say if she advanced to the live rounds, she could get further than Kim Yarbrough..i'm not saying Kim is not a good singer cause she is..but Kim is just too's not a bad thing but maybe just not so right for the show..maybe she would suit better in the X-Factor..while Whitney, there's so much still left to see from her, i mean just look at Ashley De La Rosa, she grew in the live rounds..i honestly think Whitney got a more bigger potential of growing in the competition as any other contestant..

then he got Mathai..i mean yea sure the elimination was a totally hard decision to make cause he got two of his most amazing talent on the chopping block..but it was just a waste..i wonder if it was her & Lucca, who would Adam pick..cannot imagine yeah it was frustrating to know that she had to go even after some great performances..she is just like Lindsey who instead of showing vocal skills like pitching & notes, they just do their own thing..that is why she was actually my favorite in team Adam..but then, it is just a very close call..sure i would've picked her but Katrina herself is not a letdown..which made me come to another disappointment in team Adam..

Katrina Parker..she is like the show Adele in the making..i was at first quiet worried about the fact that she becoming more and more Adele-like by weeks but then she showed to everyone that she may have something in common with Adele but she is Katrina not Adele..she found her own sound, her own swag..& it's not a bad thing anyway to be compared to Adele cause she is the current in-thing right..even if based on the votes alone during the semi she clearly started making fans and would make it to the final but poor Adam that he think Tony got a bigger chance of winning..& no i am not saying that i dont like Tony, just that i am not a fan cause i think he is just a regular singer..nothing special nor new from him for me..

another contender i would love to see advance in the competition i must say actually Justin Hopkins from team Cee Lo who just leave way too early during the battle round just like Whitney..i love his voice unfortunately Cee Lo just made an unlikely pairing for him during the battle round with Tony Vincent..i mean sure Tony Vincent totally got a bigger and amazing vocal range but the more pleasant voice to hear i must say Justin Hopkins..well singing is not all about hitting the highest notes but to attract people to hear your singing am i right..

so that's it i guess..sure there are plenty more great talent who deserves more in the competition like Jesse Campbell, but in the end it all comes to the market..Jesse surely is one of the best singer *if not the best* in the competition but looking at the market ahead of him, i would just refer to the 1st season winner, Javier Colon..he may win but look at where he is now *no offense*..i just hope that this season they would find the right "voice" to represent the show..not just a great voice but also the one that memorable and marketable..for me among this final four, it could've been between Juliet & Jermaine but who knows lets just wait and see..till then, ciao~

p/s: on the 1st season, i was rooting for Dia Frampton..she might havent make it that big yet but she is ahead from the other so far & her debut album was proud of her :)

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