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Friday, April 13, 2012

Perak Royal Museum (Muzium Diraja Perak) - Istana Kenangan

to be honest i really dont know what to post lately..thats why i havent updated this blog much (besides practical & action research)..& the fact that my bestfriend Jay also been real quite in this blog since like forever (T_T) it makes me even lost! Jay, i really hope after this i will get to see another post from you in this blog..please please please..

so anyway, while i was just searchin around my fully loaded external hard disk (i mean seriously is fully loaded) to get rid off some stuff from the hard disk so i can get some more space (cause i just can't afford a new one right now), i came across to lots of my vacation pics which some are never published in then i thought, why not i use it as my new blog post material? so here's the first post, taken from end of last year vacation with my family..introducin to you, the Perak Royal Museum..

this museum which also known as Istana Kenangan (it's previous name actually along with other names; lstana Tepas and Istana Lembah) is a tribute to traditional building methods in Perak and was built entirely of precious woods, without the use of either nails or plans (cool huh)..

It was planned and built in 1926 after the great floods of 1926. Shaped like a sword, the entire palace was built without a blueprint (even cooler!). The walls are made of woven sliced bamboo, and patterned in diamond motifs called the 'kelarai'. The roof is in the shape of the 5 ridges of a traditional Malay house and the ridge of a row of bananas - known as 'perabung 5 and perabung pisang sesikat'. The palace was completed in 1931 and set up as a temporary residence for Sultan Iskandar Shah (1918 - 1938, the 30th Sultan of Perak) while the original royal palace or istana negara was being torn down for the new Istana i guess thats why this museum situated close to the Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar :)

& if you haven't noticed yet or maybe you just dont know, the colour of the castle which is white, yellow & black actually based on the Perak state flag..they do know how to pick such a royal looking color combination huh :)

unfornately, during our visit, the museum/castle was closed with a notice on the gate saying closed for renovation or we didnt manage to get inside..our bad cause my brother who did get inside of the museum once about so long time ago said there's so much more interesting stuff inside i wish it will be open for public again despite that the museum guardman said it was already closed for months! hmm..

so that's all for now..till the next post, ciao~

p/s: this pics actually already posted in my whatever, still feelin to post about it ;p

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