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Monday, April 30, 2012

Makam Mahsuri / Mahsuri Mausoleum - Langkawi

another post from our trip last year..this time, already in Langkawi..the first place we visit was the legendary Mahsuri is where the legend of a beautiful maiden who was unfairly accused of adultery & bled a white blood at her execution were buried..if you want to know more about the folklore, just search for Mahsuri and you'll find lots about not feeling to retelling the story *I'm not a good story teller anyway;p* I'd rather just keep to the old saying "picture tells a thousand words" ; here are some of the pics from our visit to one of the main tourist attraction in Langkawi :)

 the legendary Mahsuri Tomb

well actually in this Mahsuri Mausoleum site, the more interesting attraction would be the houses and the surrounding i guess rather than the tomb itself..i mean what else you can expect to see of a tomb anyway? and the most interesting for me was actually the very traditional Mahsuri House :)

my parents inside the Mahsuri House - at somewhat the living room i guess..

me at the kitchen! know that tool I'm sitting on? it's for grating coconut 
*my mom still got one at home :)*

with a beautifully decorated traditional baby swing

@ the Mahsuri Well which water believed have healing properties

& there are some more things inside the mausoleum like the Mahsuri information center *very interesting if you want to know more about the story - they even got a reenact video of the legend* , batik boutique, souvenir & handicraft shops, a real-life diorama house, an aviary *got some interesting exotic birds in display* & etc..entrance fee for all this is only RM5.00 per person..& let me tell you this, if you are looking to buy some Langkawi based goods like the gamat oil / balm / soap, you can get them with a way cheaper price at the shops outside the mausoleum rather than at the town..i mean like just need to know how to talk to the seller & you might just get them *the goods* half the price than in town :)

so that's all for now..till the next post, astalavista ;p

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