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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dia Frampton "Red" is All You Can Ask For [a Music Review]

it's been super busy full packed week for me since last weekend..been sewing day & night, writing here & there, cutting this & that, researching stuffs &'s all for the sake of my action research, final observation, & lets just say, my final two weeks of my practical training *cannot wait when all these would end!* so today despite that i havent finished my lesson plan for tomorrow yet,  after some disappointing hunt for a new portable external hard disk, i finally decided & managed to get this awesome album in hand! been listening to the first single since like months ago but dont really know why & what taking me so long to get a copy for myself! anyway better late than never cause this album sure is a must have!

let's just cut it short, why this album is a total must have? cause it's just everything what you need in your got all and everything from hip hop, pop, country, rock, alternative, & etc..& no i am not kidding at all..every single track gives you a different vibe and i just love how they arrange the song from the first till the 10th track..let me just list all the song & tell you guys what i thought about those songs particularly :)

1. Don't Kick the Chair
Honestly i must say this song gives me that cheerful enjoyable party poppers vibe just like Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People..even some verses sounds quite identical but not that im saying a copycat cause clearly its the same whatever, it is a totally different song anyway, with a very big & great message! seriously listen to the lyrics & you will know & understands why would i say this is totally a perfect 1st track not just for this album but to start your day :) anyway Kid Cudi also adds up some hip hop flavor into it *kinda* ;p

2. Isabella
A fun get-going song & thats all i can mean, if you apparently just not into doing anything, try listen to this may help lift up your energy to get your ass up & do something :)..somewhat like an energy booster i may say..anyway the song itself is about encouraging us to get up & stand up on our own feet :)

3. The Broken Ones
This is totally was my favorite song untill i heard the whole honestly right now i really cannot make up my mind which one i love the most..haha..anyway this one got a little bit more ballad feeling into it, a drift from the previous two tracks..again, Dia tries to make us feel better about ourselves from the lyrics..this is what a real artist should be doing..singing a meaningful lyrics despite some annoyingly just endless love drama @ story, & not to mention using sex to know what i mean? so thank you Dia for not taking that turn :)

4. Good Boy
Another very fun song..not that much uptempo like Isabella..more like a goody two shoe song with a little like bubble poppy sound too is undeniably a cute song..i can even imagine Dia singing this song in a made-up-in-my-own-mind music video walking happily on the street with this Charlie boy thing going cute! lol..can i say it somewhat reminded me of Lenka a little bit because of that retro-like vibe?

5. I Will 
A duet with her mentor in The Voice, Blake Shelton..clearly a country ballad song, what else to expect? if you into Lady Antebellum or Gloriana thing, this would surely make it up to you..i kinda like it but im no country dude so not really my cup of tea..still it makes a good duet anyway

6. Billy the Kid
Damn i love this song! somewhat techno, somewhat retro, somewhat like La Roux..sometimes i kinda have a flash of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, just because of this one falsetto note in the song - if you listen to the song, you will know exactly what am i talkin whatever again, i just love how this song turns out..totally not something ive expected to hear from Dia :)

7. Daniel
Finally a very slow tempo acoustic one anyway..somewhat like Hey There Delilah, it showcases Dia's soothing voice totally stripped..a very great departure from the last track and a good change of is like you just wanted to relax a little bit after partyin's an acoustic song anyway with only guitar accompanying her..totally a very relaxing and calming sound to have such a good rest of mind

8. Walk Away
Another song that reminds me of Foster The People sound, maybe because of the whistling part..not too slow but not really an upbeat, somewhat like in the middle..another song which just wanted us to lay off our head and enjoy the beat..anyway the song itself was asking "that person" to walk away not us, so i think it make sense..we just chillin out whistling while waiting for "that person" to just leave or get the hell out from our eyes..who's that "that person"? you gonna need to figure that out by yourself :)

9. Bullseye
Maybe this song is quite an exception for this's not really that's just neither as good nor catchy as the rest for me personally..the beginning actually sounds quiet interesting, but getting through along the song, it just gotten to somewhere which like lacking something..maybe the excitement..or maybe because there's just too much of good songs previously served to my ears, i just expected for somethin more, & this song just not quite there, not up to the par..

10. Trapeze
It may uses the typical formula to end or close the album with a ballad track..but no it's not a very slow paced actually quite upbeat for a ballad..but what makes it wonderful is totally the lyrics..and just by listening to it, we know it is written to be the last track..the music when it ends gives a feeling like we just had a long road upon us but we just feel so good about it because the song leaves us with a better feeling towards ourselves and the world ..a very deep and relatable song for sure :)

so that's it..all 10 tracks from the album..i guess i no need to tell you again why this album is a must have and would worth every penny for it..& honestly if you ask me what's the exact genre for this album, that would be a seriously tough question to can be pop or even alternative rock..and it may sound more indie than mainstream but indie is the new mainstream yeah, this album is just all you can ask for..just hoping that she & this album will get more attention because she & her amazing music views really deserves it..thats all for now, till the next post, ciao ~

p/s : when i 1st saw her in The Voice, i thought she looks like Jessica Alba lil i keep wondering what's her exact if you just dont know yet, she is half Korean :)

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