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Monday, April 30, 2012

Makam Mahsuri / Mahsuri Mausoleum - Langkawi

another post from our trip last year..this time, already in Langkawi..the first place we visit was the legendary Mahsuri is where the legend of a beautiful maiden who was unfairly accused of adultery & bled a white blood at her execution were buried..if you want to know more about the folklore, just search for Mahsuri and you'll find lots about not feeling to retelling the story *I'm not a good story teller anyway;p* I'd rather just keep to the old saying "picture tells a thousand words" ; here are some of the pics from our visit to one of the main tourist attraction in Langkawi :)

 the legendary Mahsuri Tomb

Monday, April 23, 2012

Laman Padi / Rice Garden @ Langkawi

for those nature lover, this Rice Garden which also known as Laman Padi is totally a perfect place to go if you visit Langkawi..a very calming place with a very nice is literally a paddy museum so the surrounding is meant to showcase the real paddy field & the growth of the paddy itself..Kedah state is known and famous for its paddy anyway :)

so here are some pics taken during our visit there..enjoy :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

As Close As It Gets! - Deer Farm @ Langkawi Cable Car

Walk with them, touch them, & feed them with your own bare hands! i mean like seriously & no kidding! Just look at our pictures & trust me, there are no photoshop

my parents feeding the deer

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dia Frampton "Red" is All You Can Ask For [a Music Review]

it's been super busy full packed week for me since last weekend..been sewing day & night, writing here & there, cutting this & that, researching stuffs &'s all for the sake of my action research, final observation, & lets just say, my final two weeks of my practical training *cannot wait when all these would end!* so today despite that i havent finished my lesson plan for tomorrow yet,  after some disappointing hunt for a new portable external hard disk, i finally decided & managed to get this awesome album in hand! been listening to the first single since like months ago but dont really know why & what taking me so long to get a copy for myself! anyway better late than never cause this album sure is a must have!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Perak Royal Museum (Muzium Diraja Perak) - Istana Kenangan

to be honest i really dont know what to post lately..thats why i havent updated this blog much (besides practical & action research)..& the fact that my bestfriend Jay also been real quite in this blog since like forever (T_T) it makes me even lost! Jay, i really hope after this i will get to see another post from you in this blog..please please please..

so anyway, while i was just searchin around my fully loaded external hard disk (i mean seriously is fully loaded) to get rid off some stuff from the hard disk so i can get some more space (cause i just can't afford a new one right now), i came across to lots of my vacation pics which some are never published in then i thought, why not i use it as my new blog post material? so here's the first post, taken from end of last year vacation with my family..introducin to you, the Perak Royal Museum..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dressin' Up - Katy Perry's Next #1 Single?

it is not so long ago since Katy made a #1 debut on Billboard Hot 100..actually it is very recent with her latest smash hit "Part Of Me" *despite being slammed for the music video which i actually think looks cool!* may not stand there for long but debuting at number 1 is a huge achievement..& not to forget that Teenage Dream is already a record breaking album with such consecutive #1 hit, minus "The One That Got Away" which still manage to climb Top 3 though..with the repackage album, Katy doesnt seems like stopping..& yet another single *maybe* on its way to make a mark on the music scene..

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