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Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher: "The Proposal"

it's been quite awhile ive been quite quite huh..blame nothing but all these stuff piling upon me..well, people out there who knows nothing about the real thing of being a teacher, this profession is not as easy as you think or how it seems to appear before your eyes..i know i think ive already talked about this before but seriously, no kidding, this profession is very challenging

my workspace XD

but whatever, not gonna talk about it anymore longer..just wanna share the condition of my workspace at home for the past few days..& i know it's nowhere near what we call a conducive actually most of those what appears like junks but actually treasures for me was there to accompany me working on my proposal..well i am in my final year and was working for my proposal for the big thing, the action research..

this action research will be conducted to overcome a problem in a specific topic of student learning..i chose to work on a traditional craft topic, the 'kelarai' weaving..what's more about it, well there are an obvious problem and i already got some hard evidence to support my case..but the intervention which is in plan, honestly i really dont know if it's really gonna work on these kids..i really just took a big risk by taking a seriously not much of a desired student as my respondent..but then i think, who else should be helped if not those who is clearly having a problem right..but in this case, only if they would help me by allowing me to help them..yea seriously i am a bit worried about what to come in the future, when ill be conducting the research, and for sure the final outcome..

so i just hope you guys out there can please wish me luck for the big thing..well i just finished and submitted the proposal this evening..but honestly, dont know why i just dont feel so good with what i came up with..its like there's so much more i wanted to do with that proposal just to make it feels more right than how i feels about it now..but done stressing out myself for now though i still got some lesson plan to be done while the weekend just started! well that's how it feels when you just got an early morning class on seriously, monday really sucks huh..

so thats it i guess for now..anyway if you are just wondering about my workplace at home, actually it situated in our living room just in front of the i'm working with tv in front of me..but we just dont have real furniture i just go ghetto i the next post, peace out

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