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Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher: "The Proposal"

it's been quite awhile ive been quite quite huh..blame nothing but all these stuff piling upon me..well, people out there who knows nothing about the real thing of being a teacher, this profession is not as easy as you think or how it seems to appear before your eyes..i know i think ive already talked about this before but seriously, no kidding, this profession is very challenging

my workspace XD

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jessica Sutta Show's Us That She is Not Just Another Doll

let's just admit it, which guy does not drawn into the possession of the Pussycat Dolls..i mean the late one..i'm sorry for the use of the word "late" but with all these reformation or whatsoever thing with the all new members just did't much excite me like the last girls or should i say the original line up? i use to love the girls..come on they are undeniably hot& they got pretty good tunes..but of course it will always mostly because of the visual just admit it

so when they split up, i was like, what will happen to the other girls? since it was always about Nicole which once i thought gonna be the next big thing but that just didn't quite happen..just after checkin out some of her solo work, i just didnt feel her..maybe she's trying so hard to break the doll image & ended up as some unrecognizable seriously, i am totally not diggin up anything she has worked on lately - if there is any, i dont even mind..sorry..

but then about last year i found this one video, a music video by another former doll which i am very well surprised & impressed at the same's Jessica Sutta! the one who sometimes made some quite successful appearance on the club music scene as a featuring artist - ever heard White Lies?

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