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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Drew Wave Goodbye To The X Factor

Finally she's out! she was once a frontrunner, the most sought after, & was also my most favorite contestant among all..but thanks a lot for a very good direction given by her mentor, Simon Cowell, she just turns out to be a bore one trick pony & officially no longer in the run for the 5 million contract..what a huge miss i must say..

i *or actually lots of people* used to think she was the most special & unique singer compared to the other contestant..with her such tender age, she just full of potential..but come on, it is a reality singing competition which based on fan votes..with her keep doin the same *or almost similar* formula in each & every week as the competition progressed, it just fell flat even if it was actually a good performance..just because the fact it was just another good performance like the other weeks before..too safe i may say?

but the most unpleasant thing to watch was her attitude which grows to adapt something from Simon - cockiness! i can hardly forget the moment when she said she cannot accept to hear bad comments as she always gets & expects good comments for her..& that was actually the major turn off which also made me no longer a fan of her..i liked her, but with that overly confident attitude, it was just ugly..

i honestly was not surprised at all that she was eliminated several nights ago..i even was hoping that Nicole & Paula do chose to eliminate her over Marcus, which what they actually just did, just to give Simon & Drew herself some lesson that they are not really that good & they do need to listen & accept others critiques, or at least be humble..& there you go, they finally drew Drew out of the competition..

i thought i liked Simon especially during AI years as i thought his comments was real..but as a mentor in the X Factor, i thought he was just a pain in the ass to watch..he kept commenting & giving some harsh critiques to other contestant but just seem to not accepting other judges comments & critiques to his girls at all..they should've given him the groups instead of the girls..

with Drew out of the game along with Astro, i hardly point out a favorite to win this 1st season of the X Factor USA with Josh, Marcus, Chris, Melanie & Rachel still remaining..not because none are deserving but mostly because none are the most deserving..its anyone chance now..everyone got their own something to offer, so its just the matter of how they gonna present themselves in the upcoming weeks to shine over others..good singing alone is just not enough..but i must say, if Chris happen to improve his singing, he somewhat got a big shot at winning..the girls are totally good at singing, just hoping Simon doesnt rely on that fact alone to give some competition to the table..while Josh & Marcus, they just need a right song to show their individuality in singing..

still, i wont mind checkin out Drew action in the showbiz in the feature..she do have somethin to offer..with the right direction & attitude, i maybe can be a fan again someday, sometime..who knows..till then, adios..

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