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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who Copied Who? - Sara Bareilles VS Michael Bublé

well this might be a little so late, but whatever..i am just so interested to talk about these two & the alleged copying thing..well there was not even a real allegation, but it was more like what people around been talking about..can we say a rumor?

So Who's Copying Who?

it all started in 2009 when Bublé released his first single from his new album Crazy Love, Haven't Met You is completely a new song *not another cover version* but somehow, the song kinda reminds some of those music listeners to another song which was released two years before that, which is none other than Sara Bareilles big hit single from 2007, Love Song..

yea i know, the whole song was completely a different song..not even a verse sounds similar but this part..

get it? the piano riffs did sound so much alike, somewhat like brothers & sisters if not a boy-girl yeah when i 1st heard the song, at the beginning, i did somewhat got this dejavu feeling to it..but then after that piano riffs, it was all gone..still this video which i've found on youtube totally just make sense to what i just thought..but that was it..except the piano riffs, the whole song got a totally different melody..

& then about couple months ago, this video for Sara's latest single, Gonna Get Over You came it is totally a new song, a good one actually, which like usual, penned by herself..but it was the video which somewhat looks so damn familiar..

notice anything? no? then watch this music video of Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé..yea the song which was claimed a rip-off of Sara's Love Song ;p

so now what do you think? notice anything similar? if not let me just list down some which i thought was just too similar to ignore from my simple;p
  1. Both videos started with a car moving scene (yea, not that similar)
  2. Both videos took place in a supermarket
  3. Both are enjoying themselves in the market like they own the market
  4. One by one people in the market started to dance
  5. Scene between the market shelves followed with confetti scene towards the end
  6. Ended with they was just daydreaming @ just lost in their own world
  7. Sara even dressed up with a quiet similar attire with Michael's love interest - white t-shirt + leather jacket + jeans! (but that maybe was just a regular sense of style)
but then, despite those similarities, there are also some differences which distance both the vids *i think*..
  1. The storyline is totally different
  2. Sara is working it out with some fun & goofy looking moves! rock it girl! XD
  3. She also sport a rock chick look instead a pretty lady look
  4. She somewhat put spell on those which pushed or touched by her to instantly changed their clothes *& hairstyle* to look like hers & dance along with
  5. Those who was not touched by her are not affected & still doing their groceries like nothin happen
  6. She didn't came up from her daydreaming by herself!
  7. She was asked to leave the sorry for her..but i love watching her walk! so cute! XD
but whatever..she said in her statement that the video was intended to be "a mash-up of Grease meets West Side Story meets a little market in East LA" all the similarities maybe just came as coincidence..who knows still i think the video is very fun & hillarious - so enjoyable to watch as it keep me smiling alone especially towards the ;p

so about who copied who? i would say, doesnt matter as long as the outcome is good! well nowadays it is not a rare thing to have heard some song with a similar tune & even a similar is already like a trend to use another song as a sample for a new song right..& no need to say about music the end, as long as it is still a good music, not a downgrade, so it is okay & acceptable *for me*..

anyway i love all those 3 songs *they are all in favorite playlist now..LMAO* whatever..& btw, i think these two are real good artist who did not use sex to we actually should celebrate instead of condemning..thats all for now, till the next post, peace all :)

p/s: Gonna Get Over You released two years after Haven't Met You Yet which was also released two years after Love Song..i wonder what will Buble come out with in another two

-no offensive statement intended..just putting my thoughts on words & some plain *& lame* joke ;p-


chris nahas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris nahas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris nahas said...

its really clear what happened- michael buble said in an interview he made a career of stealing from the best before he could find his own voice to write his own songs. well he didn't- even writing his own songs he stole from sara bareilles. the sequence was 1 sara bareilles - love song 2 michael buble - stolen song. 3 sara barilles made a grocery store video to send him a message that he didn't steal from her unnoticed and in the end a fool is escorted out by the police like a shop lifter - that's her message to him about what he really is. even though she was referring to buble's video, her song and video were still highly original, because she's truly creative where as he's just a wedding singer who made it.

FrankieRay said...

No law suits that I'm aware of as a result and can't help but think that Sarah's get even moment was the grocery store video for 'Gonna Get Over You', including the confetti.

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