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Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Immortals Was Made Visually Awesome

we've watched this movie last night..& yeah i must say, i am pretty impressed with the shots, & the effects..they looked so incredibly made especially during the fight was beautiful & gore at the same time..totally not suitable for underage & those who cannot stand bloody hardcore visuals..& sometimes it even looked a little bit too pretty as it turns out to be more like a beautiful visual show at some parts..with a beautifully made sets & backdrops *both real & CGI things*, there are even some scene transitions which looked so fascinating & big kudos for that..

unfortunately that's all about it, a visually pretty movie..because on the storytelling side, it was kinda poor, bore, & so much typical of this Greek Gods meets Spartans movies..maybe that what it supposed to be..another myth movie flick..this time its about Theseus & Minotaur mostly..

the story was not really that bad, but the plot did not help at all to give a boost to the was just plain & nothing much but boring..there was no excitement while following the story..thankfully the visual again did help me keep amazed & watching mostly on what's on the screen, but not for the story..even in some scenes, i was more attracted to watch what on the background instead of watching *dont ask me about listening* to the main characters, like the scene at the brazen bull site with some dead men at the background..i honestly was more forwarded to look up close to the dead men condition, trying to analyze those torturing method put on them instead of following the slow paced story..

& then there's four sexy clothed oracles *whom supposed to be virgin but with very appealing attire* which only 1 of them is the real oracle..with some little screen time *except for the real one* their stories was merely told with the real one who seems like a main character but her appearance was sometimes questionable especially towards the end..sometimes she was more like just a prop..*SPOILER ALERT*, anyway she's no more an oracle towards midway of the movie so that might be the major cause for her peek-a-boo appearances..

the ending was also very much confusing..mostly like suggesting a sequel, so much question left unanswered..but if there is a sequel, im not really sure if i would go to watch it..i might go to know whats really happening after the war, in the said-heaven, & also for sure for the dramatic & gorgeous shots..but i am totally not interested if the storyline adapts the same kind of plot & story telling..but anyway how do we know the story without watching it huh? overall, it is pretty worth to watch for the sake of the beautiful visual presentation, almost like an art i must say, but that's just it..i would give 3/5 for this movie..till the next post, ciao :)

p/s: anyway the movie face lots of censorship here i guess because there were clearly so much scenes been cut..still it was pretty much explicit in terms of violence..

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