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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, Just Be Afraid Of The Tooth Fairies

to be honest, the movie was totally not as i expected..well i hardly know about the movie, watched the trailer on tv once but i was just craving for a horror i insisted to watch the movie despite i only know Katie Holmes the most among the cast..we even somewhat thought we just got into a wrong cinema hall at the beginning of the movie! lol..but whatever, it is worth to watch :)

this movie is a remake from a 1973 television film with a twist on a tooth fairy myth, only this time as the antagonist..these tooth fairies had kids tooth as their food & are savage as they can brutally attack people to get what they they also appears in a terrifying figure despite their size..i honestly felt the first encounter with their physical was kinda nerve-wrecking just by looking at their seriously, they were just disgustingly ugly..

the movie also appears to adapt the storyline & even some actions from the original but with another twist without overdoing it..they managed to create the thrills & suspense with some actions which can be pretty disturbing especially the one at the beginning, then a scene with Mr. Harris & another one with Kim towards the end..

i must say, the character Sally which very well played by Bailee Madison helped the movie to perform so much better..she adds colors to the story as we might be getting confused with her at the beginning and started to somewhat annoyed with her before turned out to pity her very well..Guy Pearce as Alex also very well annoyed me despite that i think he was more like just a supporting actor due to his appearance & performance but Katie Holmes as Kim was the one to pity the most as a future stepmother who tried to be the best mother she can be but ended up as the victim for all the trouble caused..

overall it may not be that surprisingly brilliantly horrifying, not even unpredictable..but it was pretty scary at some parts..pretty good for entertainment viewing..but i was just confused it was rated 18 as i think it was more like PG-13 movie..maybe just because of those few scenes of the tooth fairies brutal attack, i honestly dont know..but yeah im gonna give it 3.5/5 cause it was an enjoyable horror movie afterall

p/s: cannot wait to watch him so much :(

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