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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Soft Pastel Drawing - Tukang Wayang Kulit

well this is not actually a new work of mine..already submitted it earlier last month..just forgotten to post it here we go..

it was actually for our course project for this semester..for the task, we need to prepare a portfolio about figure drawing and a final drawing..i actually kinda enjoyed this course because we got to do lot's of drawings in class, even some real life drawing - but no, we got a fully clothed model instead..LOL..felt like so long since i last did some drawing for real huh..but yeah there were also some tense especially while making the portfolio with a very limited time..

so for the portfolio, we need to do some *actually a lot* sketches & drawings - specifically on figure expect nothing but some revealing figure sorry i cannot post those drawings here because it was just too revealing for this blog - just wanna keep the decency of this blog (LMAO)..using some media like pencil, charcoal & pastel..& in the end, i've chosen to use soft pastel for my final drawing..

in progress..

& the final drawing was actually need to be made and completed in a 3 hour session under the observation from some examiner - for the technique & etc..kinda horrifying huh..but in the end nobody really finished up their drawing in that session *except 1girl who came with her drawing already halfway*..

 workin on the brighter & lighter colors

 in the very last minutes of the session~

btw the final drawing must be of a craftsman working on a traditional craft.. we actually need to take the picture of the craftsman by ourselves & pick the best angle for the drawing..but we was just so short of time & didn't get to visit any craft of course in the end, internet do the wonder..thanks to Google Image, this is the pic i came out with..lmao!

the picture

& this is my final outcome..see..i didn't copied the whole thing, made some adjustment just to make it simpler & easier to also to give a great focus on the craftsman himself *lame excuses*..& i am also not really a fan of realistic drawing & actually tried to give some Expressionist feeling to it by forming the figure somewhat like The Scream - but without losing the realistic feeling to it..not sure if i excelled in im pretty satisfied with what it turned out to be :)

the drawing

& we also need to mount the drawing and frame it with glass..i chose a cream colored mounting board & a solid dark wood with gold line frame for the framing..seriously i've spent somewhat like an hour *maybe more!* picking the frame! not only to consider the color but also the size & most importantly, the price..huhu..& it cost more because i asked for the non-reflective a.k.a non-glare glass for a better view..but i think it's all worth :)

ready to be submitted

so what do you think about my new drawing? i named it Tukang Wayang Kulit a.k.a The Wayang Kulit Craftsman, because what else can be a better name than the explicit details about if you are wondering what is Wayang Kulit, it is a traditional puppet shadow play which is pretty common to the Southeast Asia is known as Wayang Kulit in Malaysia & Indonesia with the word Wayang is a javanese word which means "shadow" Malaysia, it is most significant in the east coast especially Kelantan..just search for the word on the net & you'll find lots of information about

me with the final artwork :)

& yeah i know, only after it was framed *completely sealed at the back* i realized i didn't put my signature on i got my signature signed on the back instead thats it..pretty good for a drawing which was done in only about 3 days *just few hours a day & mostly just doing some touch up for a better* huh..wonder when will i be making my another masterpiece *not even that mastered..haha*..till then, peace out :)

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