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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

X Factor US Is Kickin It HOT!

let me 1st be honest, i am very glad that Simon finally bring this show to the US because i am really just so bored & over with American Idol after some very disappointing cycles..well i know im not even american & not even resides in the states, but they are the mogul in this biz whatever it is, i am already a fan of this show ^_^

i think the format is way more interesting because there is more diversity among talents & the performances will also be more than just there would be no kinds of karaoke-like performance as the contestants are mentored by the judges themselves..ok enough talking about the show, i actually wanna talk about the finalists for each group with their mentor, also about some which i thought was just robed..first up, the GROUPS..

it was so obvious that they were having some difficulties in selecting the best finalists for the groups, not because of there was just so many great groups, but somewhat kinda lacking..maybe the groups was just not up to the par as they even formed two new groups from the rejected soloist, which was no doubt would get through to the liveshows just because they were the groups which formed by the judges themselves - but that is just my personal, i honestly thought there were some pretty good groups during the judges house stage, but didnt get picked..but hey its their mentor Paula Abdul's heres the final 4 groups performance during the 1st liveshow..

1st - The Stereo Hogzz - i must say they got a good vocalist & they dance very well..thankfully this time they also got some members doin some rapping because if not, i would keep thinking that they are the male version of The Pussycat Dolls! i mean seriously! But at least the backup singers & dancers sound pretty harmony *no offense to the PCD because i do love them - they're just so*

2nd - The Brewer Boys - i honestly kinda like their performance during the judges house..they sound pretty good & easy to listen..but maybe this time their performance was just too average & they kinda lose their x no wonder they didnt get throuh..still felt sorry for them though

3rd - InTENsity - this co-ed group formed by the judges i must say somewhat reminds me of k-pop groups just because of the number of their! i mean, it is very rare to find a group consisting that much of members in the western music industry, except if they are a choir group..right? but then, i must say this kids somewhat reminds me of High School Musical..well they are kids so maybe that is pretty appropriate huh..they did pretty good on the song, but sorry to say, it does sounds somewhat like something from Disney channel show..a high school talent show? hmm~

4th - Lakoda Rayne - actually i was quite surprised that they even made the cut because im not really sure about their performance during the judges house..but then, they are formed by the judges..yes they can sing, but as a group, im not really sure if they harmonize very well..yet..maybe its just the matter of time..& also maybe the genre does not bring right to them..i dont know..

Who Was Robed? - there was two groups that catches my attention during the judges house which are The Anser & Illusion/Confusion..i think they are pretty good as a vocal group & they harmonies very well..& there was like somewhat agenda when Illusion/Confusion performance was not shown much like the yeah, smells somethin fishy i was actually hoping to see one of them made the cut but unfortunately none of them did..huhu

then we move on to the BOYS..i didnt expect much from this group by L.A Reid..they was also somewhat a disappointment for me during the 1st live show..

1st - Astro - this lil boy sure can rap very well..yea he is good! but not sure if he can keep up the hotness with just rapping throughout the competition..even Cher Lloyd did once sing without raping while in the X Factor UK to keep up the game..

2nd - Marcus Canty - the only good vocalist left in this group i must say..he can sing really good but at some points he seems like tryin so hard..still didnt see the x factor on him..but it is still too early to say so lets just wait & see..

3rd - Chris Rene - he can actually be the one to look at in this group..he can rap & pretty well sing..its just the matter how he showcase them right..

4th - Phillip Lomax - i am really sorry but this spot is a total waste! i love Michael Buble, & i love this kind of music..but this guy here is doin no justice to this genre..sorry..& yeah he deserved to go home..

Who Was Robed? - im sorry but i actually dont have any favorite from the beginning for this among Brennin, Skyelor or Tim is more deserving from Lomax, except Nick Voss..he's just a no no..

about the OVER 30's, i must say, Nicole Scherzinger is doin no justice at all for this group! maybe Simon just picked the wrong person to take that seat from Cheryl Cole..

1st - Dexter Haygood - i honestly dont know what did Nicole saw in him..this spot was just a total waste..Britney & Katy may not be the best on singing live, but this guy just trashed their songs even worse! i actually thought the songs was mashed up very well but his performance was just sorry but yeah he is also the most deserving to go..

2nd - LeRoy Bell - wonder how does he look that good on the age of 60! he looks way younger than his actual age right? & yeah he also can sing pretty well..but with that pretty limited vocal range, not sure how far he can go..he is still something though~

3rd - Stacy Francis - i was not a fan during the bootcamp..because i think she just always overdone her part..then she wows me during the judges was just an amazing performance which also made her a clear frontrunner in this group..but then, this time, she back sounds somewhat overdone the song..i dont know..she's good..just hoping she'll do her song just right & not trying too hard..

4th - Josh Krajcik - i am 50-50 on him..i like his voice, his tone, but i think his singing is just lets just wait and see..

Who Was Robed? - i must say i am very disappointed that Crista Collins didnt made the cut..because she is something different..with that unique voice i was hoping to watch her as a finalist..Elaine Gibbs was also one of the showstopper during the bootcamp..but after her simple but still a breathtaking performance during the judges house, i was not really surprised she was not picked because for sure Nicole would not want two same type of singer in her team as Stacy just had an amazing performance to show that she's a better powerhouse singer..but then why not if that spot was to be wasted on Dexter? Tiger Budbill is another one who i thought was more deserving as he clearly have some more better singing technique among the guys in this group..

last but not least, the GIRLS which is clearly a team to watch was already a very tough choice during the judges house, but i must say, i am not really happy with Simon Cowell choices..

1st - Melanie Amaro - yes she can sing & hit the high notes pretty well..but she still need to be really careful on her voice projection i think, especially on the high notes..her judges house performance was amazing, but this time she sounds more like screaming despite that she actually got a really beautiful voice..maybe she was just so nervous because it shows clearly on her face..nevertheless, she is still among the frontrunners..

2nd - Drew Ryniewicz - i am really sorry if you think im just being bias but i just love this girl so much..she's a clear frontrunner for me..i think she got the right x her voice & her style of singing very very the age of 14, she manage to pull all the right strings very well..she made her performance seemed so effortless but still enchanting & breathtaking..the only thing which bothers me is the way she stands when she sings..thankfully she is sitting this time :p..

3rd - Rachel Crow - she is also actually another good singer in this group..but yes i must admit that after this performance i do strongly agree that she is still too young for this competition..she sounds kinda raw..& maybe it was also a bad song choice as Drew already made an amazing version of that song Baby on her audition..but again, she is still so young & there is a lot more room for improvement..i even thought she was just so lucky that Simone & Tiah just did really bad cos if not, she might be the one to go home..

4th - Simone Battle - another wasted spot..she dont even deserved to be on the top 8 girls..yeah she did quite well during the judges house *despite she actually cracked her voice! -_-*..but let me get this straight..if she is on that show searchin for the new member @ maybe the next PCD, she is totally the right choice..she even sounds a lot like Nicole Scherzinger dont you think so? her tone & the way she sing..almost like a copycat for me..she even dressed like i honestly dont know why Simon just love this Simone girl..maybe because of their similar name? lol..kidding~

5th - Tiah Tolliver - another very confusing choice been made by Simon..even her audition was a Paula & Nicole said on her audition, she keep changing keys..& she still keep doing that! dont you ever realize that Simon? it was an obvious wrong decision to get her till this stage..fullstop

Who Was Robed? - i must say, based on the judges house performance, Caitlin Koch was the most deserving to fill those spot which was given to Simone & Tiah..didnt even expected her to be the one being robed..while for Tora Woloshin & Jazzlyn Little, it was merely because of a wrong choice of song i guess because their song just didnt do any good in showcasing how good they actually are..Tora just sound so average while Jazzlyn song didnt sound right at all & she was all over the it just bad luck? no idea~

but whatever it is, at least this time they did cut the right person..cant wait for the next live show..& yes, it is so obvious that i am rooting for none other than Drew then again, it is still too early to make any expectation as anything can happen as the competition goes on..till then, peace all

p/s: this is all based on my personal opinion, & please no offense :)

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