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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simone Battle Releases Single After Her Elimination, & It Is Actually Pretty Good!

Surprise, who's laughing now? well she announced it clearly just after her elimination that she's releasing her new video for her own original be honest, i was at first, at that very moment, was like "are you serious?"..but damn she is serious..& it is not even something like a homemade video @ a stupid low budget video with a ridiculous tune to it..

pop star material?

it actually turned out to be pretty good! the song, the vid, looks very well made..well yeah it is a gay themed song..but it is actually a very funny even somewhat reminds me of Katy Perry's Ur So Gay..only this time, that guy *or actually those guys* is really gay for

well i mean it when i say that she would fit perfectly in a show like Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll, because she does have what it takes to be something like that..she got the looks, the body, *just admit it, she is kinda hot* the moves, & she can pretty well sing..but to be in a show like X-Factor, it is still a singing competition where people wanna hear more of the singing above all..nevertheless, this next step she took actually just proven that Simon actually not 100% wrong..he's actually right that this chick does have a star potential..but more of as a modern pop star rather than a singing sensation..

with a right management & promotion, i wouldn't be surprised if this song will eventually entered any chart & become a hit..or maybe if she cant make it alone, maybe she should hook up with Robin Antin as again, i must say, she is a perfect material for the Pussycat, she even already sounds a lot like Nicole Scherzinger right..arent there so much more empty spot left huh :)

so just check out this video of He Likes Boys by Simone Battle & listen to the lyrics..wonder how & when did she made this video because it is very well made *but that tub scene was just*..& yeah i must admit that it is kinda catchy & actually a really funny song..enjoy :)

p/s: some girls might just gettin really confused now after listening to Ur So Gay & now this song, about how to determine a guy sexuality huh..but let me tell you this, there's a fine line between homo & metrosexual :) & there is also a big difference between guys who likes guys & guys who love guys ^_^

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