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Monday, October 24, 2011

Real Steel Is A Real Excitement

i know this is kinda late post..but whatever..its been awhile since i last posted a movie review..i havent watch much movies lately anyway..was packed with all those ass-sigh-mean a.k.a assignment things & also some craps which i just dont wanna talk about..& now i just realized i didnt managed my budget very yeah its kinda pathetic..but whatever..lets just talk about the movie..

some friends actually already been talking about this movie way before the besties at campus Chun Hoong even somewhat like booked me for the i am really Chun Hoong that i had to turned it down & i did explained it already right - movie is just out of my budget right now..till one day, an old friend which also a good friend of mine, Afiq, suddenly called insisted & forced me to go watch the movie with him..then i manage to asked him to treat me & so yeah we go for the

i must say, my 1st thought when i saw the trailer long time ago, i was expecting it to be something like Transformers movies..then the girl at the ticket counter also said its gonna be a long movie around 2+ hours  play yeah i was a bit worried its gonna be like the last Transformers movie which just ended up somewhat like too long & was quite boring to wait until it ends..huhu..but then, luckily i was wrong :)

this movie is totally nothing like Transformers except the fact it is a story about robots & this movie is way fun to watch, with a less heavier story compared to the Transformers, so it was a better movie on the entertainment side..the story somewhat reminds me of the movie Tekken but this time its about a kid who is really determined to prove that his trashed old training robot is so much better than people think it is..

this movie also counters a lot about the relationship between a dad & his son, how the never met before biological family build their eccentric relationship improperly, i mean without intention, which proves that family bond is not a relationship that can be thrown just like that..besides, this movie actually featured a lot about love of a dad to their yeah, it is also a very good family entertainment..

but to say its an award winning movie, it is more for leisure & entertainment but also packed with some appropriate actions & moral yeah i must say it is recommended to watch especially for families with kids..but for those who is looking for some pure real action, i must say, it may not much up for your satisfaction needs, but it still pretty good..thats all..happy viewing..peace ^_^

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