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Friday, October 28, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Is A Shocking Prequel

just got back from watching this movie with my buddy, Chun Hoong..& let me get this clear, i am a very big fan of this movie franchise..the 1st was great, the 2nd was quite better, but this 3rd installment is was afraid at 1st that i might be disapointed with this movie as some sites just give it quite just average *some even pretty bad* ratings..but damn with those ratings..this movie is good & it is a very MUST WATCH..especially for those who have watched the previous 2 movies..

it is another prequel..a very long prequel which took place way back when the sisters - Katie & Kristy was still just little girls..i was very worried about how they gonna connect this 3rd movie with the previous movies as the timeline was just too i must give a big credit to those who write the story for making such a meaningful introduction..i mean, yeah the 1st 15 minutes was quite boring, but it does means a lot to the least they didnt just throw in the story..kudos for that..but when the parents planned to do the bedroom scene, there the real excitements started..

sorry but im not gonna say anything about the story, about what happened & etc, because i dont wanna spoil the excitement to watch the i must praised them for making the movie not just effectively surprising & horrifying, but also funny at some points..i mean theres some great funny moments which might be quiet expected but performed unexpectedly..& yeah, there are some part *actually a lot* in the movie which seems like predictable, but it eventually turned out to be more than what we just predicted, but in a good yeah, it took the suspense, shock, & thrill level to a higher level..

but i must tell you this, for those who have watched the trailers, do not believe what you have seen, because there are so much differences between the trailers & the final movie..there are even multiple scenes in the trailers which dont even appear in the movie or actually twisted into another different stories or yeah, this actually quite disappoints me, because i did expected somethings from the trailers but ended up watchin something please, if you have watched some of the trailers or maybe all of them, no need to think & wait for the scenes which appeared on the trailers to take place in the the other hand, this strategy, i mean featuring scenes which are not from the movie in their trailers actually did help to make the movie much more interesting & helped to keep the surprising effect..& the surprises kept coming after another..*spoiler alert* even what shown on the poster didnt really quite appear in the

also, this time, i must say, i love the camera which placed in the living hall/kitchen the most..just by watching what viewed on the camera give a spooky feelin to me..a very good & simple but creative way to create the suspense effectively..of course this time, it is more visual than the previous 2 movies..lots of obvious abnormal movements captured..but thankfully it still didnt gone too graphical..we still cant see that thing but just a glimpse of its yeah it does scares the hell out of me multiple times..

i wonder how they can made up such a very good story for this prequel because it does means a lot to the previous movies..lots of questions answered..yeah there are still some things havent been about the house which burned..but for sure they are still keeping lots of materials for the next installments..there might be another prequel as even this movie still ended with some questions left unanswered..and there should be a sequel for sure as what happened on the 2nd movie is still left untold..but i must say, they managed to keep this franchise yeah, cannot wait for the next movie..wonder how they gonna twist the story yeah i am still a fan..from 5, i would give 4..-1 only for the fact that i did got a little dizzier during some scenes compared from the previous movies..& the styling was also not quite enough believable for a video which took place on the 80's (even before i was born!) thats it..for horror movie fans, this movie is the one not to be missed..peace out :)

p/s: my friend Chun Hoong cheated a lot as he covered his ears most of the time! lol..& there are some girls in the cinema screaming somewhat too much & pretty much annoying..some of them even said it loud that they're regretting their decision to watch this film..what? its a horror movie not a fairytale story..huhu..but the biggest turn off was, i heard a lot of ringtones! please silent your cellphones in the cinema! damn it!

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