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Friday, October 28, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Is A Shocking Prequel

just got back from watching this movie with my buddy, Chun Hoong..& let me get this clear, i am a very big fan of this movie franchise..the 1st was great, the 2nd was quite better, but this 3rd installment is was afraid at 1st that i might be disapointed with this movie as some sites just give it quite just average *some even pretty bad* ratings..but damn with those ratings..this movie is good & it is a very MUST WATCH..especially for those who have watched the previous 2 movies..

it is another prequel..a very long prequel which took place way back when the sisters - Katie & Kristy was still just little girls..i was very worried about how they gonna connect this 3rd movie with the previous movies as the timeline was just too i must give a big credit to those who write the story for making such a meaningful introduction..i mean, yeah the 1st 15 minutes was quite boring, but it does means a lot to the least they didnt just throw in the story..kudos for that..but when the parents planned to do the bedroom scene, there the real excitements started..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chuping Sugar Cane Plantation, Perlis - The Biggest Sugar Cane Field In Malaysia

so we actually planned to get there before sunrise, of course to watch the we just didn't make it..well it's quite a long journey from Penang to Perlis ok..huhu..then it also started to rain when we arrived there so we decided to go to Satun 1st & only on our way back to Penang we decided to go back there to take some pictures, i mean after we eventually stopped at the Ostrich

so this sugar cane field is the biggest in Malaysia which is about 22,000 hectares of plantations & the name Chuping derived from a limestone hill in the area called Bukit what to expect from a big sugar cane field like that? of course, a beautiful scenery :) yeah we came there just to take some pictures, because im telling u, it is a perfect spot to do a just check out some of the pictures we've taken that day..

a cute photograph isn't it :)

Simone Battle Releases Single After Her Elimination, & It Is Actually Pretty Good!

Surprise, who's laughing now? well she announced it clearly just after her elimination that she's releasing her new video for her own original be honest, i was at first, at that very moment, was like "are you serious?"..but damn she is serious..& it is not even something like a homemade video @ a stupid low budget video with a ridiculous tune to it..

pop star material?

it actually turned out to be pretty good! the song, the vid, looks very well made..well yeah it is a gay themed song..but it is actually a very funny even somewhat reminds me of Katy Perry's Ur So Gay..only this time, that guy *or actually those guys* is really gay for

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

X Factor US Is Kickin It HOT!

let me 1st be honest, i am very glad that Simon finally bring this show to the US because i am really just so bored & over with American Idol after some very disappointing cycles..well i know im not even american & not even resides in the states, but they are the mogul in this biz whatever it is, i am already a fan of this show ^_^

i think the format is way more interesting because there is more diversity among talents & the performances will also be more than just there would be no kinds of karaoke-like performance as the contestants are mentored by the judges themselves..ok enough talking about the show, i actually wanna talk about the finalists for each group with their mentor, also about some which i thought was just robed..first up, the GROUPS..

it was so obvious that they were having some difficulties in selecting the best finalists for the groups, not because of there was just so many great groups, but somewhat kinda lacking..maybe the groups was just not up to the par as they even formed two new groups from the rejected soloist, which was no doubt would get through to the liveshows just because they were the groups which formed by the judges themselves - but that is just my personal, i honestly thought there were some pretty good groups during the judges house stage, but didnt get picked..but hey its their mentor Paula Abdul's heres the final 4 groups performance during the 1st liveshow..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ostrich Farm - Perlis

it was while on our way back from Satun that we stopped by for some ostrich Ostrich Farm is under the Perlis Central Veterinary Services a.k.a Pusat Perkhidmatan Veterinar Perlis..there is no entrance fee, so you can just walk in & meet the ostrich..but they do sell some food *or actually some plants* for the ostrich to the visitors for only RM1 a bunch, so why not just buy it :)

so here's some pics of us feeding the was an experience..i mean it was kinda scary at first but they actually kinda just check out these pics..picture tells more than words right :)

feeding the ostrich :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Real Steel Is A Real Excitement

i know this is kinda late post..but whatever..its been awhile since i last posted a movie review..i havent watch much movies lately anyway..was packed with all those ass-sigh-mean a.k.a assignment things & also some craps which i just dont wanna talk about..& now i just realized i didnt managed my budget very yeah its kinda pathetic..but whatever..lets just talk about the movie..

some friends actually already been talking about this movie way before the besties at campus Chun Hoong even somewhat like booked me for the i am really Chun Hoong that i had to turned it down & i did explained it already right - movie is just out of my budget right now..till one day, an old friend which also a good friend of mine, Afiq, suddenly called insisted & forced me to go watch the movie with him..then i manage to asked him to treat me & so yeah we go for the

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Short Day Trip To Satun, Thailand

just sharing some pics from our short day trip to Satun, Thailand..for those who still doesnt know where the heck is this Satun place, it south borders Perlis of yeah we were visiting the Malaysia - Thailand border..but whatever, Satun is Thailand Wang Kelian is the Malaysia part of the border..

still in Malaysia:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My 22nd Birthday Gift:)

well its already almost a month since my birthday..but i just got another present just posting this to thank all of those who had brighten my birthday with such a very thoughtful gifts:)

Giligowla ? I honestly dont know the its cute;p..from the elianto girls - Ilah, Im, Intan, Jaja, Pika & Tasya..they know i love cat so much huh;p

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In The Night Sky

its not really a new song..but i just love it..never get tired of im just posting

so its After School RED..a sub unit of the group After School..well i honestly thought they totally got the perfect member for this sub group..i mean with the image..they just look so impeccable..but for me personally, my fav one is none other than Kahi..damn she's a real hottie..well Nana is the pretty one, Jung Ah is the sweet one, while Uee is the cute but fierce one..still i go with Kahi the one with the rocking

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