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Monday, September 26, 2011

I Dont Wanna Love :)

to be honest, lately or actually since i 1st heard this song, it just stuck in my head..till this moment..i mean this one song, none other than In The Night Sky by After School RED..huhu..why? i dont even know the words, hardly understand any of it, but solely just because of the intro phrase; I DONT WANNA LOVE, DONT WANNA LOVE YOU..."..hmm..who is that "YOU"..honestly i dont even why i just love it so much? seriously..i just dont know why..hoho

sometimes it kinda reminds me of how sweet love is, but how much pain does it cost..& sometimes it flashed some of my memories..those i thought i want to erase..but in the end there it is, still kept deep down inside somewhere in my mind, in my heart..not to regret but just as another memories..also as a lesson..but for real, theres not even much to keep..hahaha

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who's That Girl

Just walk walk walk in the club..just walk walk walk in the club..just walk walk walk..walk walk walk..yeah..damn i love this song so much! so much addicted to it & keep replaying it like theres no

ok ive heard this song on the radio several times before but never really get to know whos the real singer..i even thought theres featured in this song on that "walk walk walk" part..LMAO..but then around the end of last Ramadhan, my bro talked about this song which then i was like, i know this song, ive heard it before..damn this is the song! huhu..but i just keep it down low *we were sittin in a restaurant waitin for the breakfast time;p*

Babies In Action : Part 4 : Smile Aisyah Smile :)

my 1st post of Aisyah, i didnt manage to make her smile to the camera..but this time i did! yay! ^_^ just check them out;p

lookin happy:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Babies In Action : Part 3 : Fadhlul With The Guys

so its Fadh's turn again but this time with the was taken during the 1st day of just enjoy;p

with daddy dearest:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


who can say that they never felt invisible? i am for sure just cant..because thats how i mostly led my life..being invisible, anonymous..hoho..yea it sounds kinda does feels kinda bad, sometimes..but in a way, sometimes it did gave me some good feelings..just like when we dont have to mind any other business & just flow i know that sounds kinda weird but thats just me;p

while this song pointing about the sadness of being invisible, i still enjoy listening to it..with a very deep emotion applied on the lyrics, it actually somewhat a relief for some who's on the same even somewhat like an anthem i guess, for the invisibles;p


finally! my beloved JoJo is back! yay! damn ive been waiting for her since like forever..& i know whenever she came out with a new album its gonna be real good..her previous albums - JoJo & High Road, was a clear hit & also are pretty good records ..& trust JoJo as she will do it again this time - i least this new released single for her upcoming long awaited album Jumping Trains already sounds like something & totally are just addictive..& let me make this clear, we need more of real music & real artist like her instead of those using sex & etc to sell..dont you think so?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak 2011 :)

i know its already more than a week for all Moslem celebrating the Syawal, but it is for a month just wanna wish all Happy Eid Mubarak & i would really love to ask forgiveness from all of you since i know i just been such a jerk sometimes..well im just a human being :)

family portrait :) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Babies In Action : Part 2 : Aisyah

so this time its my 1st niece a.k.a our family 2nd grandchild, my sister's daughter..she's only 2 months younger than they do look somewhat like the same size which they actually not like Fadh, she's actually a lil bit harder to take picture of just because its way harder to make her smile to the camera & she usually just ended up givin some 'blur' face to the come on, she's only 4 months ok..hoho

& surprisingly, some of my aunt & uncle said she actually got my baby look..i mean my look when i was a baby..what? like seriously? lol..i honestly dont it is honestly quiet tricky to determine whos face she got more whether her mom @ her

so heres just some of hers in action..well it is also pretty hard to attract her attention to look straight to the camera..but long as she didnt

yuhuu..the camera is here~ 

Babies In Action : Part 1 : Fadhlullah

so long havent met my 1st nephew which the 1st & the last time i saw him was while he was only about 1 month..& now he's already 6 months old! cant believe babies actually do grow up really he look so much different..& he kinda have a more malay look which he got from his mom i guess;p

so these pics was taken around last raya, in one early morning when he just woke up & i was just coincidentally sittin there chekin out some photos in my camera..he looked at me & i was so worried if he start crying because i am totally just no good in handling kids, ESPECIALLY BABIES! so i just point my cam at him & surprisingly he just started smiling! lol..funny but what else should i do? just take his pics & he seems really enjoying it..dont believe me? just check out these pics & judge by yourself;p

woke up with a natural mohawk! XD 
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