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Friday, August 5, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is Just The Best It Can Be

To be honest i am not really a big & loyal fan of Harry Potter..i loved them during the first 3 chapter..well ive been growing up with them at that time & it was just so exciting to watch someone who was about your age having this wonderful journey in somewhat a more magical (or actually a completely magical) was like watchin our peers & ive always been dreaming about gettin into that world and have that journey along with them..LMAO..but come on, i was 12 years old at that time..LOL

but then, i dont know why but i just stopped watchin & following the was like, ok im done with all this fantasy movies..they just dont make sense..something like a kid tryin to be matured i yeah i kinda missed the rest of the franchise (did watch some on dvd at some cousins home, but dont even pay much attention..huhu)

but it all ends last year when the final chapter came out, i mean the first first i was not so eager to go watch them because ive missed so much about the stories..but my brother is a very big fan of the franchise..& with the idea which they are all grown up, so i think why not..maybe its gonna be fun..

but then, unfortunately i was not quiet satisfied with the movie..maybe because the fact that i already missed the whole stories so i ended up so much lost during the movie..but i would say the biggest disappointment was, it runs kinda slow & it was not as ive expected..but then it was only part 1..maybe they are keeping the best for the last..thats what i thought..& thank god i was right

this part 2 is a whole different stories..from the beginning it just started off really well..and the story grows bigger and bigger, with more excitement, so much conflict, it was just breathtaking..the development of the story was made so fine which was also mind bored factor indeed because it successfully manage to catch our attention with all the suspense & surprises..& i just love how they reveal all the truth behind the whole stories..with some flashback, it did help me to refresh some memories and also gain some actually to make how all those things happens make sense in each and every way..

ive never read the book so to be honest, from what ive watched, nothing in this movie was predictable..& there is just no other way to make it better than this because it was just simply brilliant..the only problem maybe was during the not about how it ends..but more of how they was just not quiet believable i guess, because they still looks the same except with some added details which i would say only made them look more scruffy than what it should've been..i guess the make up just didnt worked really well..but hey, its just my own personal opinion:)

so thats it..i would say this movie is the one that not to be missed, especially for Harry Potter fans & even for those who's in the same boat with me;p..& personally for me, it gave me somewhat all what it takes to be the best movie for this year, yet so enjoy..peace all:)

p/s: we didnt watch it in 3D because we were not convinced by its 3D trailer..& honestly i think its already a great movie which dont even need that 3D thingy to make you pay for more:)

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