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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Captain America is HOT!

obviously the 1st thing i felt after watching this movie was plain JEALOUS! because Chris Evans got 1 hell of a hot bod! is so unfair because he totally just made me felt so out of shape or shapeless or whatever it is..LMAO..pathetic..ok enough with that..straight to the movie..i think it was a pretty good movie..may not be great, not even that bad, pretty average but quiet good..

ok i know i was really excited to watch this movie..yes it doesnt really disappoint me but it doesnt quiet wows was merely average but pretty good at some point, but still quiet far from great..

the story unveil the history about Captain America..who he was, & how he became the man & etc etc etc..there was some awesome action & fighting scenes..well its a superhero movie so we do expect to watch something over the top right..& they also got a pretty nice storyline..but it just seems kinda too slow maybe? at some point it was almost like a documentary with a little bit of twist of entertainment value i guess..but it just doesnt quiet worked..the fact that they've included some typically "comic based movies" effect was just so yesterday..& that totally doesnt helped the movie to be more than just a comic based movie..or maybe they just wanted to highlight the fact that it was based on a comic book character or else people may not know it? lame..seriously if they are aiming to make it completely like an old movie because of the time setting, they totally achieved that because it does look like a movie from the know what i mean..

but, based on the title itself, it may be forgiven..i mean as an introduction to the upcomin The Avengers movie, it actually did pretty good..but as a standalone movie, i dont think was more like just an introduction to an upcoming big movie rather than a solo movie itself..only at the end, i was quite satisfied and get the whole point and idea, that the movie is just an introduction..& the fact that they also stated The "First" Avenger on the title actually do make sense for the concept of the movie because it does look like it took place & even made way before the other Avengers i guess they did pick a really great & the most suitable title afterall..

so this is my advice, if you are lookin forward for The Avengers movie, you might wanna watch this movie..but if you are only eyeing for Captain America, just do not expect something bigger..peace out:)

p/s: but yes i do mean it when i said Captain America is HOT, literally (& yes i still think it is so unfair..LMAO)..but the movie itself, i guess they are saving the best for the upcoming The Avenger movie maybe..huhu

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