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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Larry Crowne is a Must Watch!

nothin much to say but seriously this movie is a must watch!

first of all, its a Tom Hanks spoiler alert, you'll see lots of his name in the that even counted as a spoiler? XD..ok just cut it be honest i am not a fan of Tom Hanks..not even familiar with his movies..i was more forward to watch Julia Roberts actually..always love her especially her smiles, don't tell me you dont love it cause if you dont, you are just plain jealous..LMAO..kidding;p

to be completely honest, i also felt really bad for underestimating Tom Hanks because i totally didnt expect the movie to be this good, i mean really good! it was a perfect romantic comedy..nothin bored about was just simply sweet & a pleasure to watch..

so what about this movie? i am not gonna tell you because you gonna get your ass up and watch it by yourself..i hope you will because if you dont, its your total why ive been so meaning to ask you to watch this movie? because you gonna have to watch it by yourself to know what am i talkin about..hahaha

ok why do i love this movie so much..its a great comedy which didnt came silly but actually mind quiet reminds me of the series Community just because this movie also took place in a community college..ok i love that series so much, but no this movie is nothin like that series..and the comedy are also a very good one without having to come into a silly know what i mean..sometimes a comedy movie will create some silly situation which just seems kinda too much for a realistic minds..but here in this movie, it all came in a natural way just like in a real life story..sure there was some drama but it was nicely done without having to make the scenes kinda too dramatized..

it is actually a very good movie for the teachers society..i mean more for a lecturer actually gave us or at least me some new perspective in confronting students..i was really impressed by the skills shown in this was simply brilliant..& the best part i have to say was the handphones was simply hilarious still educating at the same time:)

& plus, it is also a suitable movie for everyone eventhough i am not sure if this kind of comedy will get through to the young minds i mean kids..haha..but yeah there was no disturbing & age appropriate imagery i think, except some stills on a desktop..LMAO..& not to forget some fierce kissing scene..LOL..but i would totally consider it more as hilarious rather than sensual XD

so thats it i guess..enjoyed a lot watching this movie & i guarantee you it is not disapointing at just go watch it by yourself & enjoy every bit of it

p/s: this movie also made me wanna have a vintage scoot..LMAO

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