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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ladda Land is Really Haunted

yea i know this is also a very late again, whatever..i am still gonna make this post..hohoho

so its been awhile since i last watched a Thai horror movie..the last one was Coming Soon i guess..which was very disappointing actually for me because it just didnt came as horrifying as i expected..well some of my friends told me it was very scary & etc etc etc but when i watch it by myself, i was just left alone so much regretting it..huhuhu..but this time around, thank god i am totally not disapointed at all:)

yes the suspense works really good & the horrifying essence was made just the sound effect really brings out the nerves & manage to make the situation more thrilling..

not to forget, the storyline was very good was very heartbreaking to watch how the family fell apart because of all these things happened around them..sometimes it was very painful to watch Thee a.k.a the dad kept on doing some stupid things..but thats the reality..when everything just didnt go as planned, we may just lost our minds and made some stupid decision without thinking about the consequences..things just gone so much heartfelt at times & it was a good drama..

but i think the most heartbreaking fact was that Thee been doing all those stuff for the love of a dad to his family..& it all ends with a tragedy..well Thai horror movie used to be really good in adapting a good drama into a scary situation like they did in Nangnak..& yeah i have to admit its been so long since ive seen a good one, but here it is, finally a good movie which are not just a good entertainment but so much value brought along to be learned..

so yeah, i am really recommending this movie to all the movie goers especially horror movie lovers because it is not just plain scary but also thoughtful..& again i am tellin you, Ladda Land is totally be prepared both mentally & all :)

p/s: the only scene i so much against was the cat killin scene..damn i hate that scene! T_T

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