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Friday, July 15, 2011

Holiday Movies : Part 2 - I Spit On Your Grave

i know this was soooo outdated but whatever, i am still gonna make a review for this movie..

f.y.i, this movie is a remake of a 1978 movie with the same re-release name (it was 1st released as Day Of The Woman) & like what written on the poster, yes this movie is indeed brutally shocking..very disturbing actually i would say..mostly because of the violence's a rape & revenge film & please do take note, IT IS VERY GRAPHICAL!

ive never watched the original movie so i honestly dont know if this movie came up to the par as equally disturbing as it should be..but left alone the fact its a remake, i would say it manage to make the movie so much painful to watch..not in a way of watchin a bad movie i mean..

but lets make it clear, it is totally not suitable for public viewing & totally not suitable for underage..lots of nudity, very disturbing act especially the rape & torture scenes, & explicit material (i mean both visually & words)

the most shocking scene i would say the rape & torture part..honestly it is very shocking which i, myself, dont even think its gonna be that much to be featured in a movie..but to tell you, that scene really brings the nerves out of totally can feel the pain & seriously so sick to death with what they did..

but honestly i was quite disapointed with the revenge though..yes it was very well structured..its quiet reminds me of the movie franchise Saw things..but it just not much disturbing as the rape scene part..yes it was painful to watch but it was less than while watching the rape & torture scenes..but overall it was good..

there was also so much question left unanswered..especially how she survived & prepare for the revenge..there were some clue but it was just too blurry..& also not to forget about what the hell happened to the sheriff's daughter..but i guess their focus was on Miss Hills movements not the bait..

honestly i dont know if i should recommend this movie or not..but i should say that Sarah Butler should really get a recognition for her amazing is obviously a very hard & challenging role to fit yeah it is a good movie (especially based on the acting) if you are looking for somewhat unpleasant to watch..but for entertainment, please just forget it..

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