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Monday, July 11, 2011

Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher - "P.E Class"

finally another "confessions" post since long this time i wanna talk about P.E class or to be exact PHYSICAL EDUCATION class..well just a brief introduction, i just started my 2nd session of my practicum..but this time its gonna be for 2 whole month instead of 1 month..& ill be teaching 2 subject instead of 1 which is my major subject, Visual Art Education, & the 2nd one is my 1st minor none other than Physical Education..

well people might typically think that i am so lucky & it is just a piece of cake to teach these two subjects but let me get this clear, IT IS NOT EASY! yes these are somewhat the easiest subject for kids i guess but teaching them, just let say it is not as easy as it looks..

today i just had my 1st P.E class with year 5 pupil..i am pretty lucky to have these class actually because 11 year old kids are totally much easier to handle..well ive been struggling on my last practicum when i had to handle kids from 7 to 10 years old which i would say 7 & 8 years old are the most challenging this is my 1st experience with year 5 kids & yes they are more manageable..

well i would say the most significant similarities between handling Art class & P.E class are totally the class control & the enjoyable factor..these two classes needs to be interesting but in the same time manageable..class must be enjoyable so that kids would be drown into the class or else its gonna be a dull one..while class control is totally a must to make sure everything gonna be on the right line cos u just dont wanna have a class with kids doing their own thing except what u ask for..

so i think ive manage to have a nice class control on my 1st P.E class..well class control was like my most biggest problem on my last practicum, but still this time it was with 11 years old kids so its quite an exceptional i guess..but on the enjoybale side, i think theres a lot more to improve..with some other class on the field, it was actually quite like a competition with other classes to have the most interesting activity..& i dont think ive quite made the best one..there was a time kids really are enjoying the activity but as some point they was like pointing at kids from other class to join them with what they were doin..

it actually gives me some clear clue that as a P.E teacher, its not only about gettin the kids play around but to get them to enjoy & get excited with what they are ordinary activity is just not enough..with various sociocultural background, a simple & common activity just not gonna do it..we actually needs to invent a new games which is easy to manage but interesting enough to get the kids stuck with the class..but most of all, it must includes all the kids participation..yea i know it is totally not an easy job

so yeah i would definitely try to think & form a more creative, interesting & fun activity for my next P.E class..& by the next 2 weeks, i would have to teach them high jumping! my gosh..its been like 8 years since i stop high jumping..dont know if i still can do it..but no excuses i am so gonna do it..LMAO..just wish me luck k guys..peace all ^_^

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