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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holiday Movies : Part 1 - Insidious

i know this might came pretty late but better late than never just wanna share my thoughts or review about some movies ive watched during my last semester break..1st up, INSIDIOUS..

seriously when i was watching the movie, i am not aware about the creator at yeah i only know the fact that it came from the maker of SAW & PARANORMAL ACTIVITY which both are among my all time favorite thriller & horror movies while lookin for the poster to include in this post! LMAO

but whatever, lets just cut it short to the review..actually i have nothin much to say about this movie but it is totally a must watch! seriously, it really got my nerves..i am really feelin it..the last time i felt the same way was while watchin Paranormal Activity..i mean the 2nd one..well the 1st one was equally horrifying too okay..hoho

but the difference was this time you'll get to see the ghosts so clearly..i mean lots of them..cause there are lots of ghost appearances especially towards the end..& i mean some obvious appearances..& the funny thing is, though some of the ghost somewhat look quite funny but it still manage to scare the hell out of me..& dont worry, these ghost is not like those in the movie 13th GHOST where the ghost just looked like some halloween goers *i mean a very good 1 though..haha*

the story was pretty good too..a bit like SUPERNATURAL but that is so much forgiven because i love that those ghostbusters somewhat look a bit too cartoonish i guess which quite distratcted my horrifying mood..LMAO..but whatever, the story was still pretty good..

so thats it..if you are wondering about the story, whats the short description or synopsis are tellin is all about it..cannot tell more because you dont wanna just go watch it by yourself..& dont worry, it is also suitable for family viewing because nothin so graphical shown in this yeah it is safe to watch with children..just beware to scream..LMAO..thats all..peace all :)

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