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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Halal Dim Sum @ Xinjiang Restaurant, Klana Resort

this is actually happened like few days ago at the beginning of our semester break.. ive read about this restaurant & their dim sum buffet in several blogs before but never get to go & try them for myself..well i honestly been craving for dim sum quiet awhile already..but seriously it is really hard to find a HALAL dim sum with a reasonable price..this one might be pretty expensive *for me at least* but it seriously worth every me..

the interior of the restaurant - we were the only customer at that time actually..huhu

1st round..or to be exact, just some of

2nd round..again just a part of it..huhu

enjoying every bite of it ^_^

really that hungry eh? hoho~

no other better proof than the leftover itself..LMAO

so yeah it was like ticking a box in my "must-do" list..hehe..& i am really satisfied with it..this buffet package cost only RM30 per person for adult and RM21 for children..& this package including a complimentary soup for appetizer, a bottomless chinese tea, a whole lot of dim sum as much as you can which is prepared as you ordered, & also a yeah there is a lot to enjoy..but there is a twist *as mentioned on the menu*'ll be charge RM10 for every 100gm of food not consumed..not sure if that really applied because we did make sure we finished all those we ordered..LMAO XD..& yeah that also excluding service charge and tax, but its not gonna be too much, i mean least than RM10 i guess..hoho

so if you wanna check out more about the dishes, you can read it here where ive posted about those dishes we had with a short personal review on every each of them..who knows maybe you can use them as a reference to order when you get the chance to try it by yourself..adios^_^


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