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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Other Side Of Me - The Other Blog

this may sounds kinda funny & surreal *is it?* the middle of our study week *& i got a paper this thursday*, i just manage to made up a new blog for me, for myself..LOL..but still, that doesnt mean i'm not gonna post in here no more..this blog would still have my major updates, blurbs, review, & etc..but that other blog is just for the other side of me ^_^

okay why do i even need that other blog since i already got my space here? the major cause would be for a more personal & free spirited me..LMAO..naa..just that i feel i got more restricted in this blog, mostly because of the use of the language..yeah seriously i would really need to admit that my english is not really that good which sometimes causing me some barriers to express myself more..but even when i 1st made up this blog, beside to keep in touch with my bestfriend in the Philippines, it was also made as platform for myself to improve my english & writing skill - which im not really sure how far that goal been achieved..hahaha

so with the existence of my new personal blog, for sure you gonna find a more me *like seriously, even when i'm writing in english, it doesnt sounds a lot like me because the words are more structured - well i am still learning this language ok*..but it would definitely have a mixed use of several languages & slang - just in whatever way i like *in those particular time i'm writing* yeah, clearly it is just for fun..& a more expressive side of me *wink*..hahaha

ok enough talking crap & thats all for now i guess..but wheres the blog? it is : a.k.a Me Say 
*i purposely made 2 hyperlinks here with the same site for the promotional use..wakaka*

& yeah dont worry, im also gonna put up the link on this blog sidebar..hahaha..& for my best, dont worry about this blog as it still gonna run like it used to *u know what i mean*, & sure you are always welcome to check out that other blog cause i still gonna use some english there but totally not fully english..but to make it even clearly, that blog mostly just for fun & crappy blurbs & nothin much..hahaha..till then see you later guys..peace out

p/s: that blog is not fully customize yet..still got some more work to do..but i guess i really need to start doin revision & etc *i hope i will..huhu* - lame excuses~

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