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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher - "Kids!"

lets face it, kids is like the life of a teacher..why? because as a teacher u would have kids surrounding your life..but for me, honestly, I DONT LIKE KIDS! yeah it is really hurtful but its true.. its not that i hate kids but i just dont like them..get it? hate & dont like is a totally different thing ok *as for*..

as a teacher, when u enter the class, the most important thing would be CLASS CONTROL..while for someone who just doesnt like kids, i majorly failed on this aspect during some of my class..its hard for you to control the class especially with those little rascals & the fact that u just dont like them which also made it clear u will have a problem to communicate & mix with yeah, there is no doubt that was the biggest problem ive been facing for the whole month..

so what did i do? heres some tips & tricks:

1. pretend like u "like" them
2. use a "gentle" approach when communicating with them
3. make up some class rules which including the "payment" they will get if they disobey
4. raise your voice as you gonna need them to take their attention

if u follow these tips & tricks, i am pretty sure u will end up in "HEAVEN" or if u didnt get what i mean, the reverse of it..i mean seriously because kids nowadays are:

1. easily spoiled
2. will get on top of u whenever they know they can
3. not scared of punishment & etc! - & i mean no kidding!
4. all about themselves..which sometimes appear to be less of respect towards people even their teachers..

yea i know those thing ive listed sounds kinda cruel & quiet a very bad judgment..but im just being real *maybe also affected by the fact that i dont like*..but honestly, that was the exact response i got when i use those approaches..

so what should we do? *maybe the best to suit is "what should i do?"..hoho*..& heres what i did next:

1. be decisive yet not too hard cos u dont wanna have a dull class with kids who seems so robotic
2. make up a tagline for the class - ill post abt this later
3. use some personal approach to those problematic kids

but wht i started love to do is:

BE FIERCE WHENEVER THEY ARE ABOUT TO TAKE ON YOU! wht kind of fierce? i guess that part u gonna have to figure out yourself..but all i can say is BE FIERCE! lol..

but still, actually it all depends on every teachers personal take on kids..everybody got their own way of handling this kinda stuff right..some approach may work for some teachers but may not work at all for some others..right? ok i guess thats all for now..c ya later..peace out

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