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Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol 2011 Top 2

ok before i go further, i would honestly say, i am so not gonna watch the least the top 2 performance..huhu..yeah i am kinda disappointed..i mean actually really disappointed..

its gonna be Lauren VS Scotty..ok fine i used to like Lauren..she was actually one of my favourite contestant in the beginning..but after several weeks, it just didnt get anywhere better..i think she was okay..but thats just it..she got a really nice voice..but her performances was not exciting..i just gettin bored watching yeah i still like her voice but i just wish she is more playful and refreshing..thats all

while Scotty..never seen him as a favorite..maybe just because im totally not a country music totally not even interested to watch his performance since the beginning..i mean i watched some but its just the same..he totally not something or someone who can made me love the song they sing whatever the genre yeah..totally not a fan at all..sorry..

but come on, this is "American" Idol - where country music is like big! while im not even American..LMAO..but i am just hoping that theres someone will be internationally successful after Kelly Clarkson..hoho..& still those who didnt win or dont even get to be the final two sometimes can make it bigger than the Daughtry..right? so yeah..whatever

to be honest, i would prefer to watch Haley on the finale..she was not one of my fav..but she just grows on me week after week..especially after her Rolling In The Deep i just love her voice..I even very sure she would make it to the final as she seems getting herself into a safer place week after week..but hell im so wrong..still i think she did the best during the top 3 especially with her Rhiannon performance..never heard the song but i really enjoyed it a lot..while on What is And What Should Never Be performance, despite that fall, she still killed the song..

i guess thats all..& if i was given a choice to pick my fav top 2, i would definitely pick Haley along with Casey Abrams! sad he just gone too soon..huhu..whatsoever..

i guess thats all for now..adios

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