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Thursday, May 19, 2011

1 Down, 4 More To Go~

like ive told you earlier, its already been like my routine to countdown the paper during i still & will continue that habit i yeah, today i paper down, & 4 more paper to go..& here, i present *drumroll*, my full exam schedule..huhu

how was it? killin right..especially for next gosh..i just dont wanna think about it what about the 1st paper which i just took this evening?

overall i would say - NIGHTMARE! honestly, it was almost like the most terrible exam experience i had..i mean i had some other terrible experience..LMAO..but this one i am so sure i would remember it for a very long 1st it was okay..ive read some..hmm..ok lets start about my revision last night first..huhu

last night i tried to finally do my that evening, ive already printed out some notes for that so-called revision..& i tried to keep myself away from my lappy especially with facebook on *like*..but then for several time, after ive read some lines on those papers *which i dont even think ive finished 1 page that night..haha*, i would turn to facebook & facebooking *what else i can do with facebook..duh*..& finally around 11pm, i was somewhat determined to focus on my revision *yeah right* i go straight to those notes, & after awhile i ended up sleeping..LMAO! but that doesnt end there..because i somewhat having some sleeping problem lately, so i woke up around 2am just to take off those notes from my bed & switch off the again that doesnt end there..woke up again & again & again..& i dont know why, i didnt even think to continue my revision after that..because whenever i woke up, the only thing i kept thinking was to get back to sleep..hahaha..good boy XD

so yeah it was really suck..& it continues till morning..woke up around 7am just to continue sleeping till 8am, & finally around 9.30am, i woke up for real..beacuse i just somewhat so really damn tired of tryin to sleep..huhu..& finally i tried to continue my revision & i somewhat manage to finish scanning all those notes..i mean just least i did read all those notes *i guess*..huhu..

so about the 1st it was okay i guess..of course im having some *or maybe a lot* problem with the questions but i still manage to get some answers *doesnt mean they are all right..hoho*..for the last 1 hour left, i started to do section C which is essay question..well i actually already had some really bad feeling about my pens *i brought two pens* but just dont wanna think about it..but yeah the least i hope would ever happened just became pens just runs out of ink! one by one! OMG! & i stil got about 1 1/2 question left to be gosh! luckily i also brought 2 pencils so i continued about 3 1/2 pages of essay written with pencils..huhu..i really hope that is acceptable..-_-

my fav & regular pen..*this is a non-paid*

so yeah thats why i called it a the moral of the story, do not judge ur pens by the quantity but by its ink..hahaha..what a shame..thats all i guess..huhu..see ya later..

p/s: & please do wish me luck for my next papers okay..thanks XD

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