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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smile ^_^

smile..just what i really need right now..with all this pressure & some other stuff, i just cannot ask for more or do anythin more but smile..& what a really right time when this song just popped in my playlist..i mean yeah i did added it whatever..i just wanna share my recently & latest favorite the 1 i love from the beginning, which is none other than Avril nothin else to say, just wanna dedicate this song to everyone out there to just keep smiling no matter how hard your current condition is..including myself..& just enjoy..btw i also love the video so much because i think the message is really big & deep..enjoy:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol 2011 Top 2

ok before i go further, i would honestly say, i am so not gonna watch the least the top 2 performance..huhu..yeah i am kinda disappointed..i mean actually really disappointed..

its gonna be Lauren VS Scotty..ok fine i used to like Lauren..she was actually one of my favourite contestant in the beginning..but after several weeks, it just didnt get anywhere better..i think she was okay..but thats just it..she got a really nice voice..but her performances was not exciting..i just gettin bored watching yeah i still like her voice but i just wish she is more playful and refreshing..thats all

Thursday, May 19, 2011

1 Down, 4 More To Go~

like ive told you earlier, its already been like my routine to countdown the paper during i still & will continue that habit i yeah, today i paper down, & 4 more paper to go..& here, i present *drumroll*, my full exam schedule..huhu

how was it? killin right..especially for next gosh..i just dont wanna think about it what about the 1st paper which i just took this evening?

overall i would say - NIGHTMARE! honestly, it was almost like the most terrible exam experience i had..i mean i had some other terrible experience..LMAO..but this one i am so sure i would remember it for a very long 1st it was okay..ive read some..hmm..ok lets start about my revision last night first..huhu

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Dead

i think its already been like my regular semester study pattern..but it just gettin even worse by semester..& this semester is no exception..well the flow would regularly be like this:

    • 1st - not pleasant to start the new sem
    • 2nd - gettin better after a few weeks
    • 3rd - somewhat determined to change for a better me
    • 4th - giving the best for the earlier assignments
    • 5th - giving so-so for the later assignments
    • 6th - doing the least for the last assignment
    • 7th - im done with this semester
    • 8th - owh wait! theres a final exam! whatever~
    • 9th - revision? uhm..ok..wait a sec~
    • 10th - the paper is tomorrow? uhm..ok..*mode: revision = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
    • 11th - *after paper*..ok i dont wanna talk or discuss about the paper..thank you
    • 12th - counting: "1 down, 4 more to go" continuously..
    • 13th - last paper done! yay! holiday! result? whatever~
    • 14th - *new sem - last sem result* downgrade? uhm..again? uhm uhm..
    • 15th - time to start the cycle allover again ^_^

    so yeah..thats it..& right now, im currently on the 9th yeah i am so dead..peace all ^_^

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    The Other Side Of Me - The Other Blog

    this may sounds kinda funny & surreal *is it?* the middle of our study week *& i got a paper this thursday*, i just manage to made up a new blog for me, for myself..LOL..but still, that doesnt mean i'm not gonna post in here no more..this blog would still have my major updates, blurbs, review, & etc..but that other blog is just for the other side of me ^_^

    okay why do i even need that other blog since i already got my space here? the major cause would be for a more personal & free spirited me..LMAO..naa..just that i feel i got more restricted in this blog, mostly because of the use of the language..yeah seriously i would really need to admit that my english is not really that good which sometimes causing me some barriers to express myself more..but even when i 1st made up this blog, beside to keep in touch with my bestfriend in the Philippines, it was also made as platform for myself to improve my english & writing skill - which im not really sure how far that goal been achieved..hahaha

    so with the existence of my new personal blog, for sure you gonna find a more me *like seriously, even when i'm writing in english, it doesnt sounds a lot like me because the words are more structured - well i am still learning this language ok*..but it would definitely have a mixed use of several languages & slang - just in whatever way i like *in those particular time i'm writing* yeah, clearly it is just for fun..& a more expressive side of me *wink*..hahaha

    ok enough talking crap & thats all for now i guess..but wheres the blog? it is : a.k.a Me Say 
    *i purposely made 2 hyperlinks here with the same site for the promotional use..wakaka*

    & yeah dont worry, im also gonna put up the link on this blog sidebar..hahaha..& for my best, dont worry about this blog as it still gonna run like it used to *u know what i mean*, & sure you are always welcome to check out that other blog cause i still gonna use some english there but totally not fully english..but to make it even clearly, that blog mostly just for fun & crappy blurbs & nothin much..hahaha..till then see you later guys..peace out

    p/s: that blog is not fully customize yet..still got some more work to do..but i guess i really need to start doin revision & etc *i hope i will..huhu* - lame excuses~

    My Study Week Schedule

    damn i forgot that i actually got paper on THURSDAY!!! my gosh!!! & the next day is

    Friday, Friday
    Gettin' down on Friday 
    Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend 

    Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
    Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
    Fun, fun, fun, fun
    Lookin' forward to the weekend

    my gosh! why the hell am i singing that song? lol..enough talkin crap..see ya later..bubbye~

    p/s: just please please please wish me luck for my final exam ok..huhuhu

    The Green Hawk

    i know this is a very very late post..might be rotten already..but still i am posting it to show off some of what we did for the past few weeks..& this time its for our campus sports day which was held last week from 3rd to 5th of May..

    nothin much, i didnt even participate * my days are over..lmao*..but as an art major student, its hard to be invisible as people will just point straight to us when it comes to several things that requires some hand job..erk i mean "designing and making things manually with hands" job..LMAO..sorry for the inappropriate use of words..hahaha

    lets just cut it heres some of what we (me, my classmate & some of our junior student with the same course) did;

     a flag by me & ah hoong..a very exspressionist one

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Katakanlah Amirah Ali

    dont know how many Malaysian have heard of her..but i honestly, just found out about her today when a friend in facebook just promoted this song, Katakanlah ( "say it" @ "tell me" )..usually this kind of song are just not my cup of coffee..but after replaying the song for several times, this song is really something..with a very poetic but simple lyrics, i think i kinda like this song;p

    ok what about the song? the song actually reminds me of Note To God by JoJo which then covered by Charice..with a similar subject but a softer approach, this self declared World Pop singer write the song by herself with the music showcasing a fusion of traditional musical instruments such as tanbura, tabla and seruling, along with modern drums, strings and electronic synths..theres even some other version including a strip down vocal with piano and a club remix by Antithesis..

    & fyi, this song is actually a finalist of The  John Lennon Songwriting Competition 2010 under World Category, & just recently placed 2nd in the World Category of International Songwriting Competition..CLICK HERE for the full list of winners..& not to forget, she actually already quiet made her name in the yeah, another local artist who seems to get more attention abroad..huhu


    fresh from the oven *maybe not so much as this video actually debuted like last night*, latest single from 1 of my fav korean wonder, 2NE1..just love this song..maybe their 2nd ballad single which i will just keep replaying after "I Dont Care" *yea i know its not really like ballad "ballad", but i would still consider it as a*

    dont know why, but actually this song somewhat just came out right on time when me myself felt the same way..funny huh..but no, its not the same kind of lonely as it was in this song *based on the english lyrics i found on the net..LMAO* still just lonely..

    this has got nothing to do with my single life, cause if so, ive been lonely for almost 5 years already gosh! cant believe its already about 5 years! @_@..but no, hell no, cause i am totally happy with my "singleness" now, its just lonely..thats it..yeap i got some very good friends around here..even some who for the past days been switching off my bedroom lamp whenever i just fell asleep..huhu..yea i appreciate the existence of all you guys so guys *& girls* been such a lot of favor to myself especially these thank you so much to all of you..

    so what really makes me feels so lonely? honestly i dont even know..& i dont even think i hate this tht is me..i consider myself as a lone ranger because i just felt better of alone..some experience just will change your perceptions like for me, i'd better be alone rather than getting loud with some backstabber & yeah..thats honest truth..

    ok lets just stop it right there & go to the song *what a long introduction huh*..heres the video with the lyrics both in korean & english below..

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Mode : GARFIELD!

    its SUNDAY! so..

    i love Garfield so much..because im just such a lazy ass just like i need to do my report which to be submitted tomorrow..argh! damn much! T_T


    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher - "Kids!"

    lets face it, kids is like the life of a teacher..why? because as a teacher u would have kids surrounding your life..but for me, honestly, I DONT LIKE KIDS! yeah it is really hurtful but its true.. its not that i hate kids but i just dont like them..get it? hate & dont like is a totally different thing ok *as for*..

    as a teacher, when u enter the class, the most important thing would be CLASS CONTROL..while for someone who just doesnt like kids, i majorly failed on this aspect during some of my class..its hard for you to control the class especially with those little rascals & the fact that u just dont like them which also made it clear u will have a problem to communicate & mix with yeah, there is no doubt that was the biggest problem ive been facing for the whole month..

    so what did i do? heres some tips & tricks:

    1. pretend like u "like" them
    2. use a "gentle" approach when communicating with them
    3. make up some class rules which including the "payment" they will get if they disobey
    4. raise your voice as you gonna need them to take their attention

    if u follow these tips & tricks, i am pretty sure u will end up in "HEAVEN" or if u didnt get what i mean, the reverse of it..i mean seriously because kids nowadays are:

    1. easily spoiled
    2. will get on top of u whenever they know they can
    3. not scared of punishment & etc! - & i mean no kidding!
    4. all about themselves..which sometimes appear to be less of respect towards people even their teachers..

    yea i know those thing ive listed sounds kinda cruel & quiet a very bad judgment..but im just being real *maybe also affected by the fact that i dont like*..but honestly, that was the exact response i got when i use those approaches..

    so what should we do? *maybe the best to suit is "what should i do?"..hoho*..& heres what i did next:

    1. be decisive yet not too hard cos u dont wanna have a dull class with kids who seems so robotic
    2. make up a tagline for the class - ill post abt this later
    3. use some personal approach to those problematic kids

    but wht i started love to do is:

    BE FIERCE WHENEVER THEY ARE ABOUT TO TAKE ON YOU! wht kind of fierce? i guess that part u gonna have to figure out yourself..but all i can say is BE FIERCE! lol..

    but still, actually it all depends on every teachers personal take on kids..everybody got their own way of handling this kinda stuff right..some approach may work for some teachers but may not work at all for some others..right? ok i guess thats all for now..c ya later..peace out

    Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher - "Practical Training"

    yea this is kinda funny but like seriously, i am actually a teacher-to-be *i'd prefer tht phrase over "wannabe" i*..ok2 lets just make it short..i actually jst finished my 1st practicum session about 2 weeks ago..yea after 4 school based experience a.k.a SBE session, we finally gone to school & do the real *smewht like* teachers thing..i mean teaching & etc of course..cause during SBE we only kinda observing the environment, as what i used to

    so yeah, again LETS MAKE IT SHORT! huhu..sorry..but i guess i need some more introduction to the title of this post..lalala..ok about the title..ive decided to put on this ironic title *as i may consider it* because there are actually so many things to say, to write, & to post on this new topic or maybe i should say a new side of me! *did i get that right? whatever!*..but yeah i may not be able to blurbs about everything in a post, so ive decided to divide it into several small & hot topics..& for this 1st post, it will be all about PRACTICUM and ONLY! get it?

    so yeah, what is practicum? the exact definition, i guess u gonna need to refer to dictionary & etc but i would say its somewhat like on job training or the easiest way to say, practical training..but here we call it practicum or maybe it is just simply stupid + lame)..

    as a teacher-to-be or to be exact an ART teacher-to-be, i must say this profession is not as easy as u think..i mean seriously, u would never know how hard it is to be a "TEACHER" until u become 1..dont trust me? try to be a teacher just for a day..then you'll know

    the thing i "love" the most during this practicum thing would be preparing the DAILY LESSON PLAN! like seriously, i just became from zero to..err..i can write a proper daily lesson every class, i would need to plan the lesson all handwritten in the specially-designed-for-that-thing book which would be an average 5 pages..yeah! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! *get my point?*..but whatever it is, this thing called DAILY LESSON PLAN is a MUST DO for every teacher, so no excuses.. i would talk about..wait, i guess thats all for now..because..i think im done for now *is it acceptable?* so i will continue in the next post, more about practicum but in some more different view and aspect..honestly i dont even think anybody would read all this crap but here i go just like a lil stupid & innocent child *i know that doesnt sound right at all* who kept talking by himself all on his own..*already sounds so*..but whatever..ive been meaning to write all this so here it goes..whatever

    anyway my overall review for my 1st practicum session would be - so-so..wanna know why? wait for the next next next & next post..hahaha..& sorry that i dont have any picture frm tht practicum to attach, cos my practicum was just "pictureless"..LMAO..peace all
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