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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Confessions Of a So-Called Teacher - "Practical Training"

yea this is kinda funny but like seriously, i am actually a teacher-to-be *i'd prefer tht phrase over "wannabe" i*..ok2 lets just make it short..i actually jst finished my 1st practicum session about 2 weeks ago..yea after 4 school based experience a.k.a SBE session, we finally gone to school & do the real *smewht like* teachers thing..i mean teaching & etc of course..cause during SBE we only kinda observing the environment, as what i used to

so yeah, again LETS MAKE IT SHORT! huhu..sorry..but i guess i need some more introduction to the title of this post..lalala..ok about the title..ive decided to put on this ironic title *as i may consider it* because there are actually so many things to say, to write, & to post on this new topic or maybe i should say a new side of me! *did i get that right? whatever!*..but yeah i may not be able to blurbs about everything in a post, so ive decided to divide it into several small & hot topics..& for this 1st post, it will be all about PRACTICUM and ONLY! get it?

so yeah, what is practicum? the exact definition, i guess u gonna need to refer to dictionary & etc but i would say its somewhat like on job training or the easiest way to say, practical training..but here we call it practicum or maybe it is just simply stupid + lame)..

as a teacher-to-be or to be exact an ART teacher-to-be, i must say this profession is not as easy as u think..i mean seriously, u would never know how hard it is to be a "TEACHER" until u become 1..dont trust me? try to be a teacher just for a day..then you'll know

the thing i "love" the most during this practicum thing would be preparing the DAILY LESSON PLAN! like seriously, i just became from zero to..err..i can write a proper daily lesson every class, i would need to plan the lesson all handwritten in the specially-designed-for-that-thing book which would be an average 5 pages..yeah! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! *get my point?*..but whatever it is, this thing called DAILY LESSON PLAN is a MUST DO for every teacher, so no excuses.. i would talk about..wait, i guess thats all for now..because..i think im done for now *is it acceptable?* so i will continue in the next post, more about practicum but in some more different view and aspect..honestly i dont even think anybody would read all this crap but here i go just like a lil stupid & innocent child *i know that doesnt sound right at all* who kept talking by himself all on his own..*already sounds so*..but whatever..ive been meaning to write all this so here it goes..whatever

anyway my overall review for my 1st practicum session would be - so-so..wanna know why? wait for the next next next & next post..hahaha..& sorry that i dont have any picture frm tht practicum to attach, cos my practicum was just "pictureless"..LMAO..peace all
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