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Friday, March 4, 2011

Terima Kasih Cinta - The Musical Theater

This is so not a very new post..i mean, ive kept this *in my mind* 4 about a week alrdy..only now i got to post i think its still not too late:) here is it, a bit about Terima Kasih Cinta (thank you love) the musical theater, from my own personal sight;p

ok it was last weekend when we go for the musical theater at Istana Budaya..this musical is an adaptation of a Malay movie entitled CINTA (which means "love") - so theyve changed e title a bit & add up "Terima Kasih" (thank you) - which id prefer if they just stick to e original movie title *much simpler & iconic*..but ive never watched e movie *im sorry, jst cannot help it - how many times i should make it clear tht i dont usually watch Malay movies - which im gettin tired 2 explain y*..& im not really into this love drama thing *prefer romantic comedy if i have to watch somethin lovey dovey..haha*..but still, ive never really watched a big production musical theatre *so lame huh -_-* yeah i am pretty interested to see how they translate a love drama movie into theater with songs and dances!

view from our seat - before e show started

ok i wont talk about e synopsis - so many have wrote abt tht..but i would jst give some reviews on e cast performances..but pls, this is jst my own personal review - with no offensive intention..but if ive made any, i am really sorry ok:)

1. The Green Couple - which started e story with the girl, Arianna lookin 4 his long lost love & accidentally run through Taufik, who's willing to help her.

Nadia Aqilah as Arianna was pretty good..never heard of her, dont even know anythin about her, & still not really attracted to look for more of her *sorry*..she can sing & pretty well act too..she pretty much lived up tht bubbly personality out of Arianna..but i didnt found anythin natural about it..its all not really drew into e performance..& sometimes it jst seems too much..maybe shes tryin too hard to lived up somethin like broadway, but tht jst didnt really fit e im really sorry..not a fan

Vince Chong as Taufik was kinda funny actually..well we actually kinda run through Vince while on our way 2 e elevator..he was somewht phoning i guess, & i almost didnt recognize him..but thanks 2 e mic tht taped on his cheek - which gave me an obvious clue he's one of e performer..he looks bigger thn he used to be! maybe its e clothes he put on *who knows*..but his performance, looks a lil bit of amatur..he's a really good singer!!! how i wish he got more songs 2 perform *i mean it* !!! but on e acting side, he's ok with tht awkward nerdy character of Taufik..looks a bit stiff - maybe it was intended to look like tht..but yeah sometimes he really makes e crowd its an ok performance

2. The Blue Encounter - which 1st appeared when Cikgu Elyas was tryin to get his watch fixed at a personal fav @ friends' watch shop which was already been took over by a new cafe @ restaurant; by makcik Rubiah @ Ruby

Safura as Rubiah @ Ruby clearly is e best 1 in e bunch personally 4 me..she is jst a natural performer..when she sang, it was jst awesome..her voice - lovely amazing..her acting - effortless yet convincing..& i can never forget when this 1 time she jst accidentally called 1 of her worker @ e cafe by her own name a.k.a Ruby..she quickly cover it up & make a joke out of it..everyone was laughing..tht moment was jst hysterical..i even asked myself again & again, tht scene was it planned @ it jst sliped frm her mouth? seriously she's jst really i wish there was more parts of her character/story..

Latiff Ibrahim as Cikgu Elyas..not really familiar of him *shame on me*..but yeah another veteran who's a good example of a real performer..a good singer & actor with nothin much to say..but sometimes i felt like his status as a performer was a bit like overrated in this production as there were seems too much of his appearance esp on e singing part..its not tht i dont like his singing, but i think its a bit unfair as theres so much more main characters *& talent* in e story but on e singing side, its almost like becomin his musical show @ concert..& btw, i dnt think younger audience would really drew into him *jst my personal thoughts*

3. The Orange Family - which 1st encountered when Haris *a.k.a Baba - 2 her daughter* came with her daughter & bought her an "expensive ice cream" from a stall by e road..*cynical*..e drama kicked off when her wife Airin revealed tht she's in love with another guy..*OMG*

Norish Karman as Airin was..good or maybe totally not a fan of her *sorry*..acting side - shes good..singing - never thought she can sing, i mean its an ok singing *jst ok ok*..but wonder y theres so much of her line in English - which she delivered with a very cocky attitude *i think*..& ive been asking myself is tht e character or herself? maybe shes jst really into e character @ mybe she jst meant to play these kind of character *she played a lot of these kind of roles right?*..cos i really hate tht character!!! i mean seriously i hate Airin!!! ladies outthere, pls dont ever be a wife like her!!!

Tony Eusoff as Haris was also good..he was said 1 of e most experienced stage performer in e wonder tht he delivered a very natural & effortless performance..& i like tht he didnt try too much @ too hard like some of e actors..but actually, when ive watched him in movies before, i think his facial expression is e best of him..he got this believable expression..but of course i cannot see tht in theater esp from a 3rd side, dnt know tht he can sing..not really tht good, but still pretty good & i think he gt a nice he rather stick 2 acting though;p

4. The Pink Couple - kicked off at a scene in a bookstore when this playboy'ish businessman catch a glimpse of this 1 salesgirl/shopkeeper/worker & tried to attract her attention by disturbing her while shes arranging e magazines..

Faradhiya as Azura was pretty impressive..i alrdy know she can act - based on some *a lot actually* of her performances in tv series esp..& of cos she can sing as she was 1st introduced 2 e mainstream as a singer right..& yeah she did good on both in this show too..but somewht i was pretty disappointed tht she only get 2 sing in a few parts - jst like Vince..i think she can really sing - love tht tone of her voice..wonder y she didnt continue active as a singer

Shajiry Damery as Azlan..was pretty good also - acting side..but singing - no no no..he maybe was a singer, but i jst not into his singing at all..sometimes it was kinda painful *ouch!* to watch *& hear* him singing & dancing..mayb its not his genre of music? wonder y he got so many singing part?! no offense but sometimes i jst wish it was someone else singing when it was him performing..but his acting was pretty good..mayb he can keep acting & left tht singing 4 others? huhu

5. The Yellow Siblings - Dani 1st appeared singing happily with his friends on e street when her elder sister Dian encountered with anger askin him 2 change 4 a better life..

Deja Moss as Dian was pretty impressive..she can act & she can sing..but actually i was hopin 4 more from her esp on e singing side..she was famous for her big voice & i was hopin 2 see & hear her belting out those pipes..but it was rather average and a pretty safe performance..maybe it was due 2 e needs 4 e continuous performance every night & also days on e weekends..& she was saving e vocal for e next & further it was ok..

Anding Indrawani Zaini as Dani was - i am really sorry to say this but, it was really dissapointing..i jst cant or actually dont wanna talk much abt it..e acting was far behind e rest - seems so much of "acting" acting..he was really tryin bt jst not pleasing to watch..& his singing, again i am really sorry, despite tht he came from a singing reality show, hearing his singing voice live was quite painful..totally not a fan of tht voice..& he also sounds like he's tryin so hard technically on his singing which sounds rather robotic..ive watched some of him in Hotel Mania - & tht 1 was ok..but this further comment..*if Anding ever read this - i am really sorry, its jst an honest personal opinion..perhaps u can polish them more next time*

ok done with e cast & their wht else i like about this musical theater?

1.the big 6 cubes as e main props tht revolves around those 5 different was very multifunctional *it slides on e stage to give a different atmosphere* can be a small cafe or a big restaurant, an office room, a bookstore, a house, a bedroom, a hospital with some rooms, & even a train station among others..theyve changed those cubes from somethin to another without a break *except tht half time break*..usin e same thing as another thing like tht bed was a bed at the hospital but it would b a wardrobe in the bedroom..

the cubes

2.e intro was totally a must watch!!! with those fluorescent light bulbs on those cubes, it looks like a music video came alive..i mean yeah it was kinda cliche 4 a music video, but its jst beautiful..& this is a musical theater not a music

3.All e finishing and extra roles are in white (except towards e end - after e break, all e extra r in black) while the main characters got their own different colors for each eventhough there were so many extras, our focus would still b on e main characters and we can clearly see who's related to who based on their attire colour..

3.there r of cos some great music moments, & when it was all together singing, it sounds so beautiful..yeah sure not all but some songs r still really good

thats all i guys if u havent watched it yet, u still got till 6 March which is tomorow? lol (u still can try 4 tonite & tomorow nite)..good luck with tht..btw theres also many other recognized artist like Leya (Hotfm) - good 1!! she was so damn funny!!, Diddy (AF) - He did sang some parts too, Hunny Madu (Flyfm), Akma (AF), & many others - ive heard there r some more from other reality TV competition beside AF like OIAM..till then..ciao

lalala~ ^^

the free ticket;p


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