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Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol 10 Top 13 Revealed!!!

the top 24

well, actually i didnt watched e show..but jst checked out some videos in but im jst a 1st thought was, theres so much of good vocalist..but 1 tht stand out bcause of their uniqueness..havent seen much..yet..but there are absolutely some stand out vocalists..both guys & girls..heres a sneak of each of their performance 4 e top 24..

while heres are some sneak peek of their performance on the top 12 guys & girls night..jst check them out~

the guys

the girls

based on my personal opinion, my eyes would be on Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, Thia Megia, & Lauren Alaina..wait, wait..i know some might think ive missed some names right? yes & no, which i would reveal later in this

ok..y do i chose these 4 hopefuls? lets cut it short:

1. Casey Abrams - tht voice is just..dont know how to say..i jst love tht voice & the way he sings..theres some signature there..

2. Stefano Langone - love tht tone & vocal range..wht else i should say

3. Thia Megia - she sounds effortless..still pretty much enchanting..thts all i guess

4. Lauren Alaina - wht should i say abt this 1..jst love tht voice..& i found some sexiness

who else? wht about Pia Toscano & James Durbin? Pia Toscano for sure sounds almost like e best vocalist so far..clearly a really good singer..sure i am pretty impressed with her performance..i do love to hear & watch her performing..but dnt know y, theres somethin like typical abt her..& seriously i really dnt know y..maybe anyone can tell me? & tht James Durbin? nothin much to say but the next Adam, im really gonna pass that..sorry

actually there was some more which i thought hve somethin good 2 offer, which is Brett Loewenstern & Kendra Chantelle..unfortunately, they didnt made e cut 2 be part of e 13 come huh? btw whos really made e cut? *drumroll*..heres e official top 13 finalist:

top 13 finalists

Scotty McCreery
Jacob Lusk
Casey Abrams
Paul McDonald
James Durbin
Pia Toscano
Lauren Alaina
Karen Rodriguez
Thia Megia
Haley Reinhart
Ashthon Jones
Stefano Langone
Naima Adedapo

i would say, theres pretty good competition this year..but i wont deny tht i do felt like there were some on e list who doesnt really deserves e spot..but who am i to say huh?, tht part, i would jst keep it to myself..

we'll jst wait & see what will happen..its too soon to predict anythin, cos everythin is possible..but overall review, i actually was hopin 4 more variation, which i dont see much this year..jst hopin there would b some good surprises in e comin weeks..adios


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