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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Glee 2/6!!!

yay!!! finally!!! Glee season 2 will be back on e show!!! its been so long *its alrdy been like forever 4 me* since e special christmas episode was aired..& now, after a pretty much long hiatus, e glee show will be back continuing their 2nd season right after this upcomin super bowl on february 6th!!!

how i miss them so much..theres been so much thing goin on around e club, e school, & even outside *since Kurt already left e school 4 a better & safer environment*..but dnt knw y, i jst had this feelin tht Kurt may not be stayin there like who knows, anything is possible:)

& i honestly would say, i am most excited abt Gwyneth returning 2 e show..her appearance in The Substitute as Missy Holly Holiday was jst wonderful..i jst love her character so much - not 2 mentioned her singing, tht Forget You rendition of hers is jst somethin i cannot get over with;p..& i would be really pleased 2 see her 2 b really involved with Mr. Schue - tht guy really needs a break from all his love drama thing!!!

e glee club lookin thrilling

well of course e most highlighted event of e upcomin episode would be e club doin a mash up of im not really a big fan of e late MJ *sorry, no offense*, i would say i am not really tht excited but still is lookin 4ward 2 watch them performin in their zombie makeover..wonder wht brittany & mike would do 2 steal e spotlight like they used 2 do;p..& i really hope its not rachel doin most of e solo again, as i found it pretty much boring 2 watch & hear her again & again & again..huhu..maybe brittany solo would b nice as after her britney brittany moments, we hardly hear her do a solo..even mercedes solo would serves me better - kinda miss her solo alrdy:(

e californian cheerios

& 2 b honest, i am mostly excited about these cheerios transformin into e california gurls..dont they look pretty cute with those blue wigs? lol;p..& abt e scene where brittany would b shot out of human cannon - if its really gonna b happen XD, no i dnt want this 2 end her character due 2 any unfortunate event *please no!!!*, but its pretty much excite me e most..i love her so damn much!!! shes my fav character of all - so wonder whts more surprises she would bring 2 e table..hoho

i guess thts all 4 now..enough with e blurbs..lets jst wait & watch it 4 ourseleves ^_^..i leave u guys with some vids of e upcomin ep performance~

rachel again -_-!!

its e warblers!!!

p/s: wonder when sunshine will b returnin back 2 e show..she is one good competition 4 tht boring rachel whatsoever;p



Hush said...

smart la ko potosop GLEE tu.
hahaha :D
weh aku dah turun kundasang tapi tak sempat gi desa cattle.

cJay said...

uik? ko kt sabah ke ni?
agak pengembaraan sket nk g desa catle tuh..kna drive naek kaki gunung n jalan yg agak menakutkn..curam n mcm ular!!! hoho..xpa nxt time cuba lg ye..ekeke

btw, glee 2 bru ak buat td..ekeke;p

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