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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Treats 4 Myself ^_^

well its only abt a week ago when our allowance jst in..but i guess ive alrdy spent almost quarter of gosh!!! am i serious?! & its only february while tht allowance should actually for untill June..huhuhu..sadly but true i jst did..T_T..thanks 2 e CNY sale *yea blame it 2 e sale..haha;p*..& i dont think im even close 2 get done with it..opss;p

but nothing 2 regret as ive been fasting from shopping *like this* 4 several months alrdy..i mean i cant even recall when did i buy my last attire? *silent* i dnt even buy 1 during last year eid mubarak..@_@..pathetic mybe its time 2 do some changes 2 my wardrobe..huhu..& heres e result~

some pants

cargo shorts with hibiscus prints - so patriotic

cat suit *as written on e tag* a.k.a track suit

jst another pants..ekeke

some shirts for class & upcomin practicum

this 1 is our class new official

got them on..all blue - including e

so wht e changes ive made? well, overall we can see theres so much blue right..i guess i jst fall in love with this colour - though tht jersey was jst coincidence..hahaha..then i had this hibiscus printed shorts - thts a big stripy casual pants - which i dont have yet..& some plain shirts - jst gettin bored with stripy shirts thts it..& im pretty satisfied ^_^

i must admit i really do need a good financial management right now especially as we're currently jst been deluged with tasks and assignments, plus with e practicum jst around e corner, so much to consider..but theres still some on e list..hmm..till then, no comment..haha XD

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