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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Khurafat - Deal With The Demons

well its surely not e latest movie in cinemas but it still available in last night, we go to watch e movie..yea sure its sounds pretty weird huh tht i jst go for a Malay movie - no offenese, but only a few will really attract after several mixed reviews from some friends, i thought, y dnt jst give it a try..

1st of all, i would say, i didnt regret it..its quiet ok actually..yes theres some of my friends said tht its a really good movie, a very horrifying one, like even theres some guys in e crowd scream like a lil girl while they were watchin e movie *wonder y huh;p*..but last night was a whole different story..there was some family with kids around us, even beside & in front of me, but i didnt really hear a scream which i was expecting..even e lil girl beside me seems so quiet..& theres even some times where u can only hear giggles 2 break e silence..hoho

i did not know tht u can actually have ur kids sharing seats in e cinema like 2 kids a seat, 1 on ur lap & etc..wht a family gathering huh ^_^

no not tht it doesnt scare e audience, i guess maybe bcause e movie uses more like a shocking approaches..yes they had a pretty good use of shocking elements, but i jst kinda felt like it was too short like it jst end too soon when i was thinking of more - so yeah it was pretty much a disappointment at some point when i was waiting 4 some more when actually thats it, nothin more..huhu

e story line was pretty good, not much of predictable, but i must say, e ending despite tht some claimed it 2 be so much unpredictable, i personally think it was a bit cliche..when it comes 2 e ending, when e concluding part started, i jst felt like, i think ive watched this before, not in a particular movie, but several movies..but whtsoever, at least e idea was still pretty much "fresh" in a local movie - i mean if it was already used in another local movies, thats totally pretty much a crap right..

so y even after all this comments ive given i still consider e movie quiet ok? well kudos 2 those shocking elements tht works out really well..& i must say tht it managed 2 give me some goosebumps in some parts which i jst wished there was more..myb i was jst askin too mcuh? lol..thts all i guess..this is jst my personal review so take it or leave it..peace ^_^

p/s: anyway, kudos 2 e movie 4 doin really well in cinemas, even last night was pretty much a full house - considering e release date


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