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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Fix Water Damaged Mp3?

ok this is a very important lesson which ive learned from my own very fresh experience..this jst happened abt a few days ago, when i was doin my laundry..while i was takin out my clothes from e machine, e least thing ive ever thought was having my mp3 got so damn washed in e laundry - & it jst did!!!..of cos i was so freaked out..i love it so so much!!!

@ 1st, i really dunno wht 2 jst blanked!!! so heres wht i did - accidentally & intentionally:

1. The 1st thing i did was pull off e ear plug & take off e USB cap..i even try 2 shake it somewht like trying 2 get e water came out from any holes on e mp3 body cos i can totally see e water on e screen!!! but yeah e shaking thing did nothing - i mean visually..


2. Then i put it standing upside down with e USB plug as e bottom..with a hope e water might flow out from e USB

only then i started searching for some tips of handling this situation on e net.. & i gt some pretty much helpful, believable & reliable tips & tricks:

1. Act fast. Immediately remove your MP3 player from the water and get it to a dry location.

2. Open your MP3 player as soon as possible without getting the inside more wet. Remove the battery from the MP3 player if possible so that it doesn't feed power to the MP3 player. Water combined with an electrical current can short out the player

3. Disassemble your MP3 player as much as possible. Doing so might void the warranty, but --- in almost all cases --- so will dropping it in water.

4. Rinse the MP3 player or its parts in distilled water because tap water is ionized and conductive. If you dropped your unit in a sugary or greasy liquid, use a mixture of water isopropyl alcohol to break down those additives.

5. Dab the unit dry with a towel. Blow-dry with a hair dryer set on the lowest heat setting and speed until all visible moisture is gone. make sure u do not overheat e mp3 or it may jst give more harm than dryin it.

4. Fill a Tupperware container or plastic storage bag that is at least twice the size of your MP3 player halfway up with silica gel. Place your MP3 player and all of its components in the container or bag and fill the container the rest of the way up with silica gel.

5. Close the container and allow it to sit for a day or two. The silica gel packs, often found in some foods and boxes of new shoes, will absorb the remaining moisture.

6. Open the container and switch out the silica gel for new gel. Be sure that you do not lose any of your device components when switching the gel. Close the container and allow it to sit for another day.

7. Reassemble the parts and power the MP3 player to see if it works. If it doesn't, replace the battery before buying a new MP3 player

if u cannot find any or enough silica gell, u can use rice instead cos it also believed able 2 absorb e moisture. or u may jst place the MP3 player in front of an air-conditioning unit or under e sun.

but seriously, im in e hostel right now, & i got no such silica gell @ rice & i dont even have any hairdryer but a bath wht i really did then was:

3. leave it standing upside down next to e window so it would get some fair exposure 2 e sun & e wind..

4. after abt 2 days, when i saw theres no more water inside of e mp3 screen, i finally try 2 switch it first it didnt do any good..then i tried 2 push e power button a lil bit longer..e result..still e same..huhu

5. then i push e reset button & tried to switch on e mp3 again..there was some progress, e screen was glowing 4 a sec..then completely blank again

6. then i tried to push e power button a little bit longer again..& e mp3 finally powered up..jst for few seconds though..with an error - NO BATTERY!!! huhuhu

7. so i tried 2 connect e player to my notebook..unfortunately it did not detect e player. again i was freaked out! i thought maybe e mp3 USB plug might be broken already. but i jst leave it connected 4 a while. after awhile i disconnect it & tried to connect it via another hub, & e result still e same.

finally connected!!!

8. then i jst leave it connected 2 e notebook 4 a lil more while before takin it off again. well as some says, third time lucky, & it is jst pretty much did!!! my mp3 finally connected to my notebook on e 3rd attempt!!! & started charging..

9. i disconnect e device only after e player fully charge..then i tried to switch it on.. tadaaaaaaa!!! it works jst like it used to..& theres no problem at all - currently & hopefully will never..^_^

back to life..& im even usin it right now ^_^

so thats it..e story of my clumsiness..huhu..well for sure, thats totally e biggest lesson of all 2 be learned..& e moral of e story, whenever u r doin ur laundry, always check & even double check ur clothes pockets 2 make sure theres no valuable stuff - except those clothes of cos, are included..or u might jst get them back so cleaned up..huhu..peace

p/s: u might also use these tricks to fix ur other water damaged gadgets like ur iphone maybe if it ever happened..who knows it might also do u wonder:)


1 comment:

Muhammad Zeeheen said...

hye .. it happen to me !!! but ive tried this tips but the screen is blank and dont show anything !! how ?? theres a slide of black thing on the screen that is already scretch and ive already remove the things like paper ,, after that it become blank !! :'(

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