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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Fix Water Damaged Mp3?

ok this is a very important lesson which ive learned from my own very fresh experience..this jst happened abt a few days ago, when i was doin my laundry..while i was takin out my clothes from e machine, e least thing ive ever thought was having my mp3 got so damn washed in e laundry - & it jst did!!!..of cos i was so freaked out..i love it so so much!!!

@ 1st, i really dunno wht 2 jst blanked!!! so heres wht i did - accidentally & intentionally:

1. The 1st thing i did was pull off e ear plug & take off e USB cap..i even try 2 shake it somewht like trying 2 get e water came out from any holes on e mp3 body cos i can totally see e water on e screen!!! but yeah e shaking thing did nothing - i mean visually..


2. Then i put it standing upside down with e USB plug as e bottom..with a hope e water might flow out from e USB

only then i started searching for some tips of handling this situation on e net.. & i gt some pretty much helpful, believable & reliable tips & tricks:

1. Act fast. Immediately remove your MP3 player from the water and get it to a dry location.

2. Open your MP3 player as soon as possible without getting the inside more wet. Remove the battery from the MP3 player if possible so that it doesn't feed power to the MP3 player. Water combined with an electrical current can short out the player

3. Disassemble your MP3 player as much as possible. Doing so might void the warranty, but --- in almost all cases --- so will dropping it in water.

4. Rinse the MP3 player or its parts in distilled water because tap water is ionized and conductive. If you dropped your unit in a sugary or greasy liquid, use a mixture of water isopropyl alcohol to break down those additives.

5. Dab the unit dry with a towel. Blow-dry with a hair dryer set on the lowest heat setting and speed until all visible moisture is gone. make sure u do not overheat e mp3 or it may jst give more harm than dryin it.

4. Fill a Tupperware container or plastic storage bag that is at least twice the size of your MP3 player halfway up with silica gel. Place your MP3 player and all of its components in the container or bag and fill the container the rest of the way up with silica gel.

5. Close the container and allow it to sit for a day or two. The silica gel packs, often found in some foods and boxes of new shoes, will absorb the remaining moisture.

6. Open the container and switch out the silica gel for new gel. Be sure that you do not lose any of your device components when switching the gel. Close the container and allow it to sit for another day.

7. Reassemble the parts and power the MP3 player to see if it works. If it doesn't, replace the battery before buying a new MP3 player

if u cannot find any or enough silica gell, u can use rice instead cos it also believed able 2 absorb e moisture. or u may jst place the MP3 player in front of an air-conditioning unit or under e sun.

but seriously, im in e hostel right now, & i got no such silica gell @ rice & i dont even have any hairdryer but a bath wht i really did then was:

3. leave it standing upside down next to e window so it would get some fair exposure 2 e sun & e wind..

4. after abt 2 days, when i saw theres no more water inside of e mp3 screen, i finally try 2 switch it first it didnt do any good..then i tried 2 push e power button a lil bit longer..e result..still e same..huhu

5. then i push e reset button & tried to switch on e mp3 again..there was some progress, e screen was glowing 4 a sec..then completely blank again

6. then i tried to push e power button a little bit longer again..& e mp3 finally powered up..jst for few seconds though..with an error - NO BATTERY!!! huhuhu

7. so i tried 2 connect e player to my notebook..unfortunately it did not detect e player. again i was freaked out! i thought maybe e mp3 USB plug might be broken already. but i jst leave it connected 4 a while. after awhile i disconnect it & tried to connect it via another hub, & e result still e same.

finally connected!!!

8. then i jst leave it connected 2 e notebook 4 a lil more while before takin it off again. well as some says, third time lucky, & it is jst pretty much did!!! my mp3 finally connected to my notebook on e 3rd attempt!!! & started charging..

9. i disconnect e device only after e player fully charge..then i tried to switch it on.. tadaaaaaaa!!! it works jst like it used to..& theres no problem at all - currently & hopefully will never..^_^

back to life..& im even usin it right now ^_^

so thats it..e story of my clumsiness..huhu..well for sure, thats totally e biggest lesson of all 2 be learned..& e moral of e story, whenever u r doin ur laundry, always check & even double check ur clothes pockets 2 make sure theres no valuable stuff - except those clothes of cos, are included..or u might jst get them back so cleaned up..huhu..peace

p/s: u might also use these tricks to fix ur other water damaged gadgets like ur iphone maybe if it ever happened..who knows it might also do u wonder:)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Is Our Battle Cry ^_^

she is just an amazing artist..wonder how she made most of her songs so deep..i just love it how she did it.. & this song is no exception..i wonder y it didnt get publicized much..this song deserves so much more!!!

no i wont tell u what is it all about..but u can read e lyrics & interpret it by 4 u guys, heres e lyrics with e official music video below..


Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey

We've been deep in the trenches
Aint that friendship
Its not always roses (But)
Everybody knows this
We stuck in this battle field
I know just how you feel
Standin up for us (Yeah)
Ima be a soldier

You give me hope (hope)
You give me strength (strength)
I'd give you better than I could ever give myself
Always know that (that)
I got your back (your back)
Dont matter wherever
As long as were together (we've been through too much)

We've been through too much
Time for us to group up
Come on and lets stand up now for us
This is our battle cry
Promise you that im certified
All we gotta do is stand up now for us
This is our battle cry

Hey Hey Hey-ey
Hey Hey Hey-ey
Hey Hey Hey-ey
This is our battle cry

It's so hard when the night falls
And i don't get your phone calls
Your everything to me
You heal me when these bullets go through me
And if i had to retreat
I know you'll fall back with me
And if you got problems
You already know whose going to solve 'em

You give me hope (hope)
You give me strength (strength)
I'd give you better than i could ever give myself
Always know that (that)
I got your back (your back)
Dont matter wherever
Because we'll always be together

We've been through too much
Time for us to group up
Come on and lets stand up now for us
Standing Up For Us)
This is our battle cry
Promise you that im certified
All we gotta do is stand up now for us
This is our battle cry


Now its time to get focused
I aint saying nothing man
You already know this
So when called flow, then flow this
And if you need to swim
I'ma bring a boatless floatless
Now i dont need to sound so manotnis
If you need something from me
Call me i got this
And i dont give you what you need from me
And Ima be right there when I need to be

We've been through too much
Time for us to group up (C'mon)
Come on and lets stand up now for us
(As long as were together we've been through too much)
This is our battle cry
Promise you that im certified
All we gotta do is stand up now for us (Standing up for us-uss)
We've been through too much
Time for us to group up
Come on and lets stand up now for us
(Standin up for us)
This is our battle cry
Promise you that im certified
All we gotta do is stand up now for us
This is our battle cry

Hey Hey Hey (This is our battle cry)
hey Hey Hey
hey Hey Hey (This is our battle cry)

isnt tht sounds so beautiful? i bet im dnt know y but i jst had this feelin like wanna make this song somewht like my new theme song - esp during this assignments season..hoho;p

so guys out there, especially my dearest friends, come on and lets stand up now for us, cos this is our battle cry ^_^

p/s: btw, i did said tht she made most of her song so deep right..while this 1 is jst a lil bit too deep a different side of her..myb i should say her "Britney + Rihanna + Lady Gaga" side..lmao..but its a pretty catchy song wht *id prefer she sticks doin e usual her though;p*..jst enjoy XD

Licky (Under The Covers) ??? @_@


Thursday, February 10, 2011


my gosh!!! how come only now i got 2 know tht this 1 of my alltime fav song actually got an official music vid? thts jst so lame -_-!! well its surely jst a really good song personally 4 me..& while i was jst tryin 2 chill out surfin utube right now, kinda go through this vid - wht a its been a very stressful month i should say, this song came jst speechless

y do i love this song so much? jst listen 2 it by urself *if u havent heard e song yet*..its jst beautiful..huhu..heres e vid & e lyrics:


Woke up in London yesterday
Found myself in the city near Piccadilly
Don't really know how I got here
I got some pictures on my phone

New names and numbers that I don't know
Address to places like Abbey Road
Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want
We're young enough to say

Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life

Say oh, got this feeling that you can't fight
Like this city is on fire tonight
This could really be a good life
A good, good life

To my friends in New York, I say hello
My friends in L.A. they don't know
Where I've been for the past few years or so
Paris to China to Col-or-ado

Sometimes there's airplanes I can' t jump out
Sometimes there's bullshit that don't work now
We are god of stories but please tell me-e-e-e
What there is to complain about

When you're happy like a fool
Let it take you over
When everything is out
You gotta take it in

I feel like there might be something that I'll miss
I feel like the window closes oh so quick
I'm taking a mental picture of you now
'Cuz hopelessly
The hope is we have so much to feel good about


& Ryan..he's jst amazing..ive been listening 2 his demo's in youtube, theres lots of them which were said written 4 some singer out there..well i would say, even if he produced them 4 himself, its alrdy gonna b a great records..but sure he's gonna do it with OneRep huh..hehe

i guess enough 4 so much to do..& i guess i will jst keep replaying this song & day dreamin of a good life of my own while doin all these can hardly described stuff..jst wish me luck k..peace out & good life ^_^


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Treats 4 Myself ^_^

well its only abt a week ago when our allowance jst in..but i guess ive alrdy spent almost quarter of gosh!!! am i serious?! & its only february while tht allowance should actually for untill June..huhuhu..sadly but true i jst did..T_T..thanks 2 e CNY sale *yea blame it 2 e sale..haha;p*..& i dont think im even close 2 get done with it..opss;p

but nothing 2 regret as ive been fasting from shopping *like this* 4 several months alrdy..i mean i cant even recall when did i buy my last attire? *silent* i dnt even buy 1 during last year eid mubarak..@_@..pathetic mybe its time 2 do some changes 2 my wardrobe..huhu..& heres e result~

some pants

cargo shorts with hibiscus prints - so patriotic

cat suit *as written on e tag* a.k.a track suit

jst another pants..ekeke

some shirts for class & upcomin practicum

this 1 is our class new official

got them on..all blue - including e

so wht e changes ive made? well, overall we can see theres so much blue right..i guess i jst fall in love with this colour - though tht jersey was jst coincidence..hahaha..then i had this hibiscus printed shorts - thts a big stripy casual pants - which i dont have yet..& some plain shirts - jst gettin bored with stripy shirts thts it..& im pretty satisfied ^_^

i must admit i really do need a good financial management right now especially as we're currently jst been deluged with tasks and assignments, plus with e practicum jst around e corner, so much to consider..but theres still some on e list..hmm..till then, no comment..haha XD

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Glee 2/6!!!

yay!!! finally!!! Glee season 2 will be back on e show!!! its been so long *its alrdy been like forever 4 me* since e special christmas episode was aired..& now, after a pretty much long hiatus, e glee show will be back continuing their 2nd season right after this upcomin super bowl on february 6th!!!

how i miss them so much..theres been so much thing goin on around e club, e school, & even outside *since Kurt already left e school 4 a better & safer environment*..but dnt knw y, i jst had this feelin tht Kurt may not be stayin there like who knows, anything is possible:)

& i honestly would say, i am most excited abt Gwyneth returning 2 e show..her appearance in The Substitute as Missy Holly Holiday was jst wonderful..i jst love her character so much - not 2 mentioned her singing, tht Forget You rendition of hers is jst somethin i cannot get over with;p..& i would be really pleased 2 see her 2 b really involved with Mr. Schue - tht guy really needs a break from all his love drama thing!!!

e glee club lookin thrilling

well of course e most highlighted event of e upcomin episode would be e club doin a mash up of im not really a big fan of e late MJ *sorry, no offense*, i would say i am not really tht excited but still is lookin 4ward 2 watch them performin in their zombie makeover..wonder wht brittany & mike would do 2 steal e spotlight like they used 2 do;p..& i really hope its not rachel doin most of e solo again, as i found it pretty much boring 2 watch & hear her again & again & again..huhu..maybe brittany solo would b nice as after her britney brittany moments, we hardly hear her do a solo..even mercedes solo would serves me better - kinda miss her solo alrdy:(

e californian cheerios

& 2 b honest, i am mostly excited about these cheerios transformin into e california gurls..dont they look pretty cute with those blue wigs? lol;p..& abt e scene where brittany would b shot out of human cannon - if its really gonna b happen XD, no i dnt want this 2 end her character due 2 any unfortunate event *please no!!!*, but its pretty much excite me e most..i love her so damn much!!! shes my fav character of all - so wonder whts more surprises she would bring 2 e table..hoho

i guess thts all 4 now..enough with e blurbs..lets jst wait & watch it 4 ourseleves ^_^..i leave u guys with some vids of e upcomin ep performance~

rachel again -_-!!

its e warblers!!!

p/s: wonder when sunshine will b returnin back 2 e show..she is one good competition 4 tht boring rachel whatsoever;p


Khurafat - Deal With The Demons

well its surely not e latest movie in cinemas but it still available in last night, we go to watch e movie..yea sure its sounds pretty weird huh tht i jst go for a Malay movie - no offenese, but only a few will really attract after several mixed reviews from some friends, i thought, y dnt jst give it a try..

1st of all, i would say, i didnt regret it..its quiet ok actually..yes theres some of my friends said tht its a really good movie, a very horrifying one, like even theres some guys in e crowd scream like a lil girl while they were watchin e movie *wonder y huh;p*..but last night was a whole different story..there was some family with kids around us, even beside & in front of me, but i didnt really hear a scream which i was expecting..even e lil girl beside me seems so quiet..& theres even some times where u can only hear giggles 2 break e silence..hoho

i did not know tht u can actually have ur kids sharing seats in e cinema like 2 kids a seat, 1 on ur lap & etc..wht a family gathering huh ^_^

no not tht it doesnt scare e audience, i guess maybe bcause e movie uses more like a shocking approaches..yes they had a pretty good use of shocking elements, but i jst kinda felt like it was too short like it jst end too soon when i was thinking of more - so yeah it was pretty much a disappointment at some point when i was waiting 4 some more when actually thats it, nothin more..huhu

e story line was pretty good, not much of predictable, but i must say, e ending despite tht some claimed it 2 be so much unpredictable, i personally think it was a bit cliche..when it comes 2 e ending, when e concluding part started, i jst felt like, i think ive watched this before, not in a particular movie, but several movies..but whtsoever, at least e idea was still pretty much "fresh" in a local movie - i mean if it was already used in another local movies, thats totally pretty much a crap right..

so y even after all this comments ive given i still consider e movie quiet ok? well kudos 2 those shocking elements tht works out really well..& i must say tht it managed 2 give me some goosebumps in some parts which i jst wished there was more..myb i was jst askin too mcuh? lol..thts all i guess..this is jst my personal review so take it or leave it..peace ^_^

p/s: anyway, kudos 2 e movie 4 doin really well in cinemas, even last night was pretty much a full house - considering e release date

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