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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome 2 Lil New Zealand!!!

lil new zealend
the scenery

here r jst some pics from our visit 2 lil New Zealand on december last year..its a very nice place..felt so like e truth is, its only in Malaysia, 2 b exact in Kundasang, Sabah :)

nice view
nice view ^_^

beautiful dairy cattle;p

peace to the horsie
met this pretty horsie:)

this dairy farm located at the foot of Mount it is pretty cold up there..& u can actually see e peak of e mountain like jst upon really jst stood right there, but of course u gonna need 2 search for it through e thick fog (depends on e weather actually i guess)..but dont worry, e fog do move (very slowly though) so u will see it (i mean depends on ur patience & interest;p)

if u come around 3pm, ull get e chance 2 watch e milking process (with machine actually)..& if u got thirst, u can actually buy e fresh milk right seriously im tellin u, e milk taste really good, really fresh..but no need 2 think of buyin more 2 bring home bcos e milk cannot b kept 4 long - maybe max 5 days refrigerated..

only in Sabah ;p
The Desa Cattle, Sabah

entrance fee? only RM3 per person..hoho..but e journey u hve 2 go through 2 get there, pretty much a journey - i mean e road..but it still worth it:) so if u ever come 2 Sabah, maybe on ur way 2 poring, make sure ull stop by at this place 2 hve a glimpse of New Zealand dairy farm - or pretty much of it..thts y some jst call it little New Zealand ^_^ peace~


Hush said...

cantik sangat sangat!
teringin gila seh nak pegi.. :)

cJay said...

mmg sgt cantik!!!
klu ad rezeki p la melancong..
dlm negara je tp seriously x rasa mcm masih kt malaysia:)

intan_isna said...

memang ada lembu2 new zealand tu erk...
waaaa... nice!
saiful... cepat kawen.........
aku nak gi sana skali ngan ko kawen...
so... cepat kawen.....
nanti ko taja tiket penerbangan.. heehehe

cJay said...

haha..manyak santek ye daten..ekeke
kalo nk tgu ak kawen lama lg la jwbnya..hahaha

yup mmg ad lembu2 gambo dekat lembu 2 tp kat kandang diorg la..x brp antek so ak x letak..ekeke

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