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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Te Amo el Chocolate

hi there everyone!!!! wow!!! how long is it?!!! i mean how long i havent updated this blog?!! my oh my, i cant even believe of all, i am really sorry to my dear bestfriend JAY, tht i havent posted anything here for quiet long huh..i got so many things to tell, so many things to share..but i jst cant..btw, i was back home for almost 2 months last november till december..

well, its hard to admit but hell yeah e internet connection back at home is just a now here i am, back to the campus 4 almost a month already..only by now, gt a chance to finally post something here..just to open a new chapter for this blog, e 2011 session!!! i hope its not too late to still wish u guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *i am so outdated;p*

choc choco chocolates

well as u can see up there, those r actually some catch from e 4th Malaysian Chocolate Fair which was held at e MidValley Megamal about 2 weeks was a great loads off free tester..unfortunately, i have a very limited budget to spend on, so these r e only goodies i got *f.y.i im a choc craze!!!*

there r some "Alyonka" chocs *with e baby face on its wraps* which came from Moscow, Russia, & some Shirin Asal products *which originated from Iran* ; RORO eclair toffe, HiBYE choc center filled cookies, & Dream bitter personally, just lovin e Alyonka choc e gosh i am jst so fell in love with tht choc..unfortunately, tht choc jst can never be seen in e usual Malaysian market *how i wish maybe someday, after this, it will be commercially marketed here*..huhu

still, i think it was very worthwhile, also a great choc hunt day 4 me XD

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