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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Premieres!!!

yes u heard me right!! American Idol season 10 will be premiering tonight!!! unfortunately, i mean in e folks around Asia or 2 b exact Malaysia, u gonna have 2 wait a lil bit i guess..maybe not so long since StarWorld channel usually do a really good job in airing this show asap after e US airing in e past nothin 2 b worried of i guess;p

e new line in AI

well sure theres still some issues 4 some fans out there, including me!!! i mean, im in college right now, & currently we dont have Astro here, & i even myself jst not in a TV mood whenever im here *e TV room smewht jst became e last place i wanted 2 be - except when theres a must watch programme on TV..haha*..still 4 fellow Malaysian who didnt get 2 watch StarWorld, 8tv will come in handy with e show am i right..wht e heck is goin on with me today? i sounds jst like a TV representative..hahaha

ok now back 2 e topic..yes its a clear view tht AI ratings in e recent years doesnt seems 2 do really well being compared with wht it was way back around e 5th & 6th seasons..with Simon no more on e judging couch, i mean he was one of e main reason people watch e show -at least i am;p, 2 hear wht hes gonna say about these hopefuls right!! but who knows e new judging board *except randy* might do a wonder..hmm

i personally still much confused with JLo been brought 2 e table..its not i doubt her as a judge, but really? she started as a dancer who appeared on a music video then moved forward as e singer and later act on movies..while this show is about? but then i heard tht *2 b exact - read* e new season will feature e contestent not jst singing but also will b involved much with their performace - from live bands & its gonna b a show more than jst singing huh? *& i also smell a fierce competition with e upcomin US version of X-Factor huh - with Simon leading e coincidence;p* now i can slightly see e reasons behind JLo placement, she is a PERFORMER..good singer dont jst sing but perform too right? & wht about Steven Tyler? i would comment *hands down* ;p

still remember this wonderful dorky girl?

while talking about AI, it is so not AI enough without talking about fav previous idol @ idol contestant right.. i would say my fav previous idol contestant would be Megan Joy from e 8th season..she is just unique..i think her uniqueness brought a new & a completely different flavour 2 e show..she might not be e best singer, but she got these cool pipes & vibes..i did hope she got further in e show as i found its kinda boring 2 watch all these good singers but so much of typical *no offense*..honestly i kinda stop watching *or surfin 4 e videos* tht season 4 awhile after her lets jst hope *i hope its not only me* tht e latest season will see more of this kind of contestant..enough with the highest notes, good like almost perfect pitch & etc..bring in e memorable & identical talents please~

lookin good with her new short dark bob u so much megan;p

back 2 megan joy *i am jst a fan of her, dont blame me*, i honestly kinda pity her post-idol career..i mean not tht pity pity, but kinda frustrated actually..shes been writing, singing & producing lots of songs by herself, most of them can be heard in her facebook page & youtube..she also did some shows & im tellin u she got some seriously great tracks overthere!!! she puts a very good use of her unique voice range in most of her songs..but how come till now she is still unsigned?! oh my..tht is jst so is so killin me 2 wait 4 her official debut album 2 come out..cos i really think she got somethin to offer..

so here i jst leave u guys with her latest performance about a month ago..hopefully we'll be seeing her in e mainstream really really soon:)..peace all -cipol-

performin her brand new original track: Spell It Out

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