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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Coffee & Stuffs Ive Made

Oh Coffee..I Love You so so much..huhuhu..well its been a very tiring weeks, & ive been dating coffee 4 several days already, or else my works not gonna b done in time..but thanks 2 u coffee, today, finally i can breath a fresh(er) air..huhu

oh my coffee


so long i havent updated this blog which i even thought spiderman might jst build up some spiderweb to make it feels like home..huhu..n now here im back again - despite my dizziness after several days smoking on dunlop contact adhesive, floral foam (the dry and dusty one), poly putty (the gosh!!! heaven!!! ), and last but not least, acrylic lacquer spray paint..huhu..all thanks to our FUTURE CAR MODEL assignment..

this semester seems to be the semester of much practical activity..seriously!! most of our assignments deemed for practical works - mostly because of preparation for practical training started next semester..lots of daily lesson plan task, micro teaching, and for our major subject, we got 2 awesome practical works projects - traditional weaving craft, & future car model..while for Art in Education subject, we need to make a mask based on a character in a children story that we've chosen @ wrote to perform to the audience..

finishing for the orang utan mask

finishing for my Orang Utan Paper Mache Mask

the play with mask of the children story went well (a very enjoyable night XD), & my group managed to get 2nd place in my class, while the winner which then representing our class for the final (for the whole batch) won the grand prize and also the best actor award that goes to Nina who played the caterpillars which is also the main role of their play: The Ugly Caterpillar..congrats & kudos to u guys ^_^

making the base of the basket

workin on the base of my wicker basket

while for our traditional weaving craft project, ive decided to make a simple cylinder laundry basket..weve gone to GiatMARA Kuala Pilah twice to learn and work on our product..& for those who havent finished it by the time of the workshop, we need to finished it by our own here at the campus...thank god after all the pain (seriously this works really killin my fingers), ive managed to finished my product before the Science Social Department Exhibition, & yeah tht laundry basket got a spot on e exhibition..LOL XD

my rattan laundry basket

my lil laundry basket

while the last one is totally this irritating future car model project..its not that i dont like to work on this project, but its mostly because of the time, cost and the materials being used..the time is because of the last minute advanced due we had to go for the 2 days 3 nights accreditation camping of uniformed bodies jst days before the due date..while the cost for sure because of the pretty much expensive demanding materials..and the materials itself r very &%@#$ *only god knows*..

while my car model still in progress

the floral foam being shaped and covered with poly putty

jst now, theres nothing much i can say but Alhamdulillah tht all of these already ends (for now, for this semester) i jst wanna sleep & have a very good rest (despite tht i got my second final paper due on next tuesday)..n im so sorry coffee but no more date with u tonight:) good night~

p/s: sorry that i didnt attach the final pic of my future car model, cause its jst toooooo "beautifull" to be shown..lalala;p

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