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Thursday, July 22, 2010

When The Moves Step Into a Whole New Dimension

seriously i think i jst currently addicted to 3D movies..hoho..n by watching e movie StreetDance 3D, tht addiction jst gettin, wht abt this movie?

last weekend, when bro zack told me abt this movie, i honestly had no idea at all abt it..i even thought it was e movie Step Up 3D which ive been waitin 4 so long *i personally think tht Step Up movies - Step Up & Step Up 2 The Streets r e best dance movie franchise*..

so without a doubt, we jst go for e movie with our backpack *we jst checked out frm e hotel tht day remember;p*..hahaha..& as e movie started, i am really surprised as e cast r speaking in a British clearly i was wrong..

StreetDance 3D

Step Up 3D - spot e similarities?

but no there is no dissapointment at all as e intro already showcased some great moves in 3D..i mean seriously as i usually only watch 3D cartoon movies like Toy Story 3 & e most recent Despicable Me..who knows dance movie can b a really great material 2 b produced in 3D..i am so lovin it..

this movie is abt when street dance meet ballet..but naa i wont write abt e synopsis & etc..cos u jst really must go watch it by ur own 3D!!! to feel e experience..overall, good storyline..packed with great performances especially e final dance r totally a must watch!! & 4 sure ull gonna feel like dancing along as e music starts - cos e soundtracks r sick!! & i jst recently got it in my hands..LMAO XD

the original sountrack
the OST

track list

wht more surprising is, 1 of my fav song actually a single released from this sountrack which is Candy by Aggro Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt..yea u heard it right..its Kim a.k.a miss former Pussycat "Flexy" Doll - e 1 who mostly known 4 her infamous standing oversplit..& yeah she can actually sing!!! *its a very simple tune though* e rest of e girls already replaced by new DANCERS *4 real*, Nicole 4 sure cn keep controlling all e limelight in e group & smiling 2 her bank..haha

Aggro & Kim performin Candy Live

back 2 e soundtracks, my fav r among Candy *4 sure*, Broken - McLean, We Dance On - N-Dubz ft. Bodyrox, Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) - Ironik, Work It Out - Lightbulb Thieves *its e Breaking Point Crew final dance song*, Strong Again - N-Dubz, Cash In My Pocket - Wiley, Beggin' - Madcon *featured a lot in e 8tv's Showdown 2010*, The Humblest Start - LP&JC, & Life Is Beautiful - Vega4..

thats all 4 now i guess..till then adios ^_^

-by cypol-
p/s: cant wait 4 STEP UP 3D!!!XD
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