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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 2nd Trip 2 Kelantan

last weekend ive gone to Kelantan 4 a 2nd time..& this time i was joining bro zack & his friends (kak jaja & kak mas) to their another friend's wedding was all rush at first as theres a problem with e bus i took frm Seremban to Penang & i arrived so damn late which made everything so out of e plan..theres some other stories bt jst skip it to e trip..ekeke

we were struggling 2 find e house bt finally made it jst in time..hoho..i found e ceremony was kinda interesting especially e tepung tawar part..n jst after done with e ceremony, we drove to Juita Premier Hotel @ Kota Bharu 4 a short rest & gt prepared 4 e next chapter of e trip..

4 a rest
our stay 4 a night

abt this Juita Premier Hotel, it is very strategically located in e centre of e everything is like jst in a walking when it comes 2 e room, still ok..except e bathroom..huhu..totally nothing "premier" at all..& no further comment

tht night we had our dinner at this smewht like night market area which ive forgotten e name;p..& finally i gt 2 taste Sata *a smoked crashed fish meat wrapped in pandanus leaves* which i didnt gt a chance to during my 1st visit 2 Kelantan..we also had this blue rice aka nasi kerabu set which only cost MYR3..i remember during my 1st trip, we smewht cheated 2 pay higher thn e normal price for e moral of e story, do not make it too obvious tht u r sme outsiders when shopping there..haha;p

then weve gone to Wakaf Che Yeh for some batik hunting..haha..its a big night market which gettin more alive as e night gettin darker..& tht night was worth e walk..hehe;p..& we ended e night with a supper of Nasi Air at Moon Kopitiam & a short visit to Pantai Cahaya Bulan..

for e next day, we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah & MPKB market *i guess - not sure e name;p* for some more shopping, shopping & shopping *despite tht i havent gt my allowance yet*..kaaaching!!! & tht afternoon, we hve our lunch at Nasi Ulam Cikgu before starting our journey back to Penang..hoho

Pasar Siti Khadijah
@ Pasar Siti Khadijah

we also stopped by at Tanah Merah to visit their another friend *Kak Su* & hve sme more meals *not sure if its still can b considered as lunch..& its not even a tea*..btw e food was so delish tht i even forgotten i am still full..LMAO..then we also stopped awhile at Tasik Banding & buy some Ikan Pekasam - my bro said tht those fish r really tasty - he alrdy ate them while i dnt hve a chance T_T

we arrived at Penang around e night doesnt end there..jst as we managed to hve a shower & etc, we rushed to GSC Sunway Carnival for e movie Despicable Me 3D, 9.20pm screening..though i missed e trailers b4 e movie *as i was queing 4 popcorn*, e movie was great!!! honestly, u really must watch e 3D version im tellin u!!! & only after e movie we finally go for dinner..hohoho..

Despicable Me....Best!!!

so thts it..a very short trip bt a very enjoyable 1..huhu..wht an experience & a memory..thanks to bro zack, kak jaja & kak mas 4 e great trip..peace ^_^

p/s: unfortunately i didnt bring along my cam..& not even in e mood 4 these r e only some pics which i took with my phone..huhu


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